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Michelle Obama for President May 11, 2007

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OK – so what a treat for you today! TWO postings on KT!

Think of it as my Mother’s Day gift to you.

How generous and thoughtful of me, right?


OK – so I just got finished reading this article on Michelle Obama in today’s Washington Post and can’t help but wonder – why isn’t SHE running for President?

Go forth and read it, dear kittens. Not only is it refreshing to read that this brilliant and wildly successful woman has struggled with whether to work and how to balance her career with her kids every day, just like I do (and probably you too) but to see how grounded she is. And how much she loves her husband.

The very last line of the piece is really my favorite.

I’m also left wondering – is there really just a political reason why she is quitting her job? I mean – as if it’s not enough for this country that we might have a black president. But that we could have a black president with a working wife, who is also a mother but still works full-time, and not only does she work and not take care of her kids full-time – but she’s working instead of supporting her husband on the campaign?

That, my dears, I believe would be far too much for our fellow countrymen to tolerate.

But she definitely didn’t give me that impression from this article, I”m just speculating.

I’m also left wondering if the Barack campaign took a good, hard look at Dean’s last campaign. Remember that? Remember how his wife was NO WHERE to be seen with the exception of one “60 Minutes” interview where she came off as kind of wierd and totally removed from her husband’s desires to be President?

I’m pretty sure that didn’t sit well with most viewers. It even bothered me.

So, me thinks the Barack campaign didn’t want to head in that direction.

Regardless, Michelle Obama is clearly an inspiration and a role model for all of us and I urge you to read this interview with her.


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