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Does Sexism Start in the Womb? May 7, 2007

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Kittens – today I am going to talk about something that has been bothering me for years. In fact, it started bothering me long before I became a mommy.

And long before I became a mommy of a baby girl.

It is how we differentiate and the language we use to talk about baby girls and baby boys. Many times, I think the mom’s are the most egregious offenders, but the dad’s have a hand in it too. So, if I offend you today, well, then guess what – I don’t care. Again – KT speaks what she thinks  – so here I go.

First – I am one of four daughters. My dad will be the first to tell you that he was incredibly offended when my mother was pregnant with my youngest sister and everyone’s reaction was “Oh, you must really be hoping it’s a boy this time.”

Actually no, was his response.

He loves his little girls. He didn’t need to have a son to prove his manhood or carry on the family name. He was completely fulfilled and manly man enough with his gaggle of girls. Girlie men need not apply, right?

And so his wife went on to deliver yet another girl.

But yet the comments continued – all about how he’s outnumbered by all these women, all these emotions.

It’s patronizing people. It’s totally and completely sexist.

But it continues. I find it so offensive when I hear these words:

“My husband was SO RELIEVED to see that I’m having a boy”

Goodie. Get the ball out right away and let’s start planning his career in the NFL.

Or how about this one “We have a girl, so my husband is really anxious to start trying again because he really wants a son.”

His girl isn’t enough for him?

Are we the Chinese? Somehow he’s less than a man because he’s only produced a girl child?

Or this one – comments about how the lives and times of mom’s with boys must be so exhausting.

That one REALLY chaps my ass.

Are we perpetuating sexism?

Me thinks so.

Can little girls not be as rambunctious and not as hyper and not as wound up and filled with energy as little boys?

I’m pretty sure my mom would tell you we were a hand-full.

I’m also pretty sure there is much to do about personality. My little niece has been 10-fold the spit fire since the first day of her life, than her brother. As I’m sure many little girls are less the spit fire than their brothers.

And so, I am calling for a ban to this sort of sexism. I can’t tolerate it and I find it totally offensive.

And you better believe, when I hear comments like that about other people’s husbands, my fingers and toes are crossed that they get nothing but a gaggle of girls too. Just cause.


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