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Hugs..mixed in with a few farts April 12, 2007

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Gather round kittens, today I’m going to tell you a sweet story about my young toddler.  I don’t write posts just about her very often because I’m selfish and I like to keep her to myself. But last night, she was so sweet, I really can’t resist.

As she’s facing down her 17 month birthday, her personality develops and comes to the surface more and more on a daily basis. It’s amazing. With babies, they change so much physically in their first year. And then it’s like their rapid physical growth comes to a screeching halt and their mental growth just takes off.

And each of them are so very different. Some pick up different skills faster than others, they just do everything at their own pace and it doesn’t matter why, it’s just fun to watch you own baby grow into her own person.

My darling daughter has many wonderful personality traits but my husband and I are really anxious for her to start blowing kisses. We have been working on that one for weeks and she loves to see us kiss, she laughs and points but she really hasn’t gotten into the kiss yet herself.

The hug is another story. A few weeks ago, she started hugging my legs as she walks by. She’ll literally do a drive-by hug. Swing by, hug my legs, then keep moving. She’s a busy gal and has a lot to do.

But last night I saw her hug her doll for the first time. It was so sweet. She lifted her doll out of a school bus, looked at her, then gave her a big hug. And then just cast her aside. Literally tossed her across the room.

But it warmed my heart so see this happen. I think she might be a late blossom hugger. Our darling daughter’s sweet neighbor friend, I think she’s been hugging for a while because my husband and I saw her gripping onto her stuffed dog at a Christmas party. We thought it was the cutest thing ever. We immediately began offering stuffed toys to our daughter to see her hug them but she would just cast them aside and look for something plastic so she could chew on it.

But last night, the hugging began and I loved it. After seeing her hug her doll, I quickly went over to her to tell her now nice that was and I gave her a hug for giving her doll a hug and what did she do?

She farted loudly a few times and sorta shoved me aside.

She had somewhere to go.

I love toddlerhood.


3 Responses to “Hugs..mixed in with a few farts”

  1. THAT IS FANTASTIC! maybe she will start to associate hugs with farting, so everytime you hug her, she’ll fart. I love it!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Just like her uncle Tmike.

  3. chrissy Says:

    I LOVE IT.

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