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Collective Protest March 28, 2007

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If you are one of these people, then today’s posting is for you:

1. A single or married gal that someday plans to have children

2. Pregnant

3. Already a mom

Then read on.

Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t blog about the news du jour on Monday – the big “childcare” story that every major newspaper and network station covered.

I’ll tell you why I didn’t cover it.

Because it was STUPID.

What in the hell are we supposed to think when all these outlets come out with sensational headlines about a “major” news study that basically informs us all that our children COULD have behavioral issues if we leave them in the care of someone else, including grandparents.

Seriously, kittens. Seriously. Have all the editors and producers out there lost their minds as well?

I’ve decided that all of the “news” stories that include such BS topics, as follows, really chap my ass:

1. Stay-at-home moms vs. Working Moms.

2. Behavioral risks of putting your child in any kind of daycare beyond MOM.

3. Quality time spent with children now, particularly with more women working fulltime, and any kind of comparison to how it was in the past or predictions on the future.

I mean – each week it seems we are bombarded with some new kind of “study” that – far as I can tell – reveals no helpful news, provides no solutions to any of our national issues like WHY most families need to have two working parents (healthcare, skyrocketing mortgage prices, high price of college tuition, should I continue?) – all these stories do is basically remind us, once again, that we allegedly aren’t doing enough or our kids are screwed if we’re not home 24/7.

We all know that KT is a guilt-free zone. I’m also a realist. I’m here to tell you that each of these major outlets are all lemmings, following these crazy and stupid stories, because of the dramatic headlines that are sure to grasp everyone’s attention and send us all emailing links to the stories, talking about it, and otherwise generating revenue for the outlet publishing the story.

Which brings me to my point on this fine spring Wednesday morning, I am asking all of you to collectively boycott these kinds of stories from this point forward for the REST OF TIME.

DO NOT email MOI about them.

Certainly don’t post a reply or link to KT to any of them. If you do, I will ban you from my blog.

Don’t read the story on the publication’s web site.

Certainly don’t email links to your friends of the story, thereby helping it become the “most viewed” story on the publication’s site, thereby confirming that they should continue with these kinds of pieces.

Change the channel on such morning news programs, like the Today Show, when they inevitably do a piece on it. Don’t go read about it on their web sites.

Don’t blog about it except to hate on it.

And if you feel really motivated, write a letter-to-the editor of the publication condemning them for doing no good and presenting us with no news.

Are we all on board with this plan, kittens? I think we’ve all had enough.


2 Responses to “Collective Protest”

  1. motherloadshow Says:

    Want to find humor in the struggle to raise your children?
    Motherload Show in NYC

  2. Melanie Says:

    Amen, Kitty.. stupid stupid stupid… i myself didnt even bother to read the damn article.. so over it all.. just live life, right?

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