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Single Girl & The City March 27, 2007

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Hello Kittens –

Miss moi yesterday? I am back from my quick business trip and I have to admit, it was such a treat to see some dear friends on the trip, visit with one dear friend’s adorable baby son, and have a long fabulous dinner out with the girls, followed by more drinks. I felt like a single gal, living it up on a school night, once again. And it was fun.

Our dinner conversation and late night bar conversation led to some interesting blogging topics, though. Surely a few too many glasses of wine and way too much food will lead to such things. And so, gather round spring kittens, and let’s revisit some of the deep thoughts of Kitty Time’s friends in a city far far away from here…….

We reflected upon the exciting news of pregnancy, expecting parenthood, and being single in the city. I think we’ve all talked about the irony of how many years we spent trying to NOT get pregnant and all the time on birth control pills, or using other forms of it, only to later have friends who keep trying and trying and trying again every month to conceive to no avail. The irony of it is so thick and really so unjust.  I’m sure if you are a dear KT reader, you have had this same conversation with some of your friends.

But then, one KT friend pointed out that now that she is a single gal living it up in the city, she has a very successful career, she has the financial means and the emotional maturity to be a mom – but she is still single and well, doesn’t want to be a mom yet – but she is very aware of the ethical dilemma she would face if she did get pregnant now. She pointed out that if it happened in her younger years, she figured it would likely lead to terminating the pregnancy. If it happened now, however, how could she – of financial means and emotional strength – terminate a pregnancy? She said it’s something that she is very cognizant of and it really struck me. She feels as though the situation would be more complicated and more emotional than if it happened as a horny teen on spring break.

Being a friend of mine, however, the conversation didn’t stay serious for very long and we quickly began joking about whether or not we’d all be nervous to still tell our parents we were single gals and preggo – even though we’re in our 30s and financially independent…..

And so, kittens, my life as a single gal in the city was fabulous and fun…and it really got me thinking about a scenario that I’ve really not had to play out in my head because I already have a husband and a baby from a wanted pregnancy. But I like to get everyone thinking here on KT. And it was fun to feel like just a working gal who could party on a school night again.


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