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National Life Goes as Planned for Mom’s Week: The Final Act March 23, 2007

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Bon Matin spring Cheri’s –

Here we are on the final day of our special week all for ourselves. And because we’ve spent the week focusing on ourselves and enjoying our life, with no surprises, the life where everything is working out as planned and no extra stress, me thinks the rest of the week’s news might have gotten away from you all. And far be it from a KT reader to be behind today’s news, so with that, I will bring you the week’s roundup, and then encourage you to resume the final act of focusing on you today!

With that, let’s roll up our sleeves and begin. First, with politics.

By now, we’ve all heard that Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer is back but John is still in the campaign. All we can do is hope Elizabeth keeps up the good fight, and continue watching and admiring our boy Edwards as he stomps around the country.  But let’s get back to what the man in the White House has been up too. KT’s mom just tipped me off to a hilarious one liner Chris Rock had recently on SNL. Apparently he took the liberty of pointing out that the country is ready for a black President because we currently have a retarded one.  Indeed, hardly politically correct, but any slam against the President is a funny one for moi.

And no where else is the President’s inability to be a leader more evident than in the current Gonzales scandal. For anyone who’s keeping track, apparently this is just another example of the President and his lemmings (or rather, Rove and his lemming, the President) casting aside good government employees because they disagree with the Administration. This might not be a democracy according to our President. But the way it is playing out is classic Bush Playbook Strategy. KT has received an exclusive glimpse into the aforementioned Playbook:

1. If any high powered government employee (CIA Agent, Ambassadors, Federal Prosecutors) disagrees with our President, fire, maim or eliminate them immediately.  

2. If the public or Congress dare challenge this decision, make sure President comes out in full support of the Cabinet Secretary who oversees said fired employee, while maintaining that like everything else in his life, he just had no idea what was going on.

3. Then make sure that someone else is fired to hope it cleans up the mess. It doesn’t matter who the fall guy is, so long as it’s not Rove or Cheney. No one cares if Gonzales, Plame or Libby are outed or sent to jail, so long as the Three Kings are safe. (Bush, Rove and Cheney).

 Kittens, I can’t tell you where I got this information from, but it’s a confirmed White House source close to the President, I swear. It’s true. And on that note, you heard it here first, Gonzales will quietly step down during Easter Recess.

But enough on politics. How about some celeb gossip?

Back to Brit. She is out of rehab, KFed took her sons to see her, and apparently the details of their divorce settlement are leaking and KFed is set to get somewhere between $1-$9 million:

If you are a millionairess – be sure to hire Brit’s lawyer to set up your prenup, is really the best lesson we can all take away from this.

Angie’s plane landed safely back in LA yesterday and we can all continue to wonder why Zahara and Maddox got to go with her to Vietnam to pick up Pax, but Shiloh was forced to stay back with her daddy. One wonders, does Angie even really like Shiloh? I think she’s discovered that she finds babies boring and prefers toddlers. Particularly toddlers that didn’t come out of her.

For those of you who love Leo, rumors are that he’s off the market. I, for one, can’t stand the guy. I think he looks like a greasy 16 year old but some fans have informed me that I’ll change my mind once I see “The Departed.”

And finally, it seems that Desperate Housewive’s hottie Jesse Metcalf is joining the rest of young Hollywood in the new catwalk, he’s entered into rehab:

I think he should log onto: and learn a few things. Or maybe he will sign up to be the new hot driver of the sweet educational van on this very important site.

And finally, back to the week of celebrating ourselves and no surprises, the USA Today includes this snapshot in today’s paper that might make us all feel a little warm and fuzzy inside:

And with that, kittens, I trust you will have a wonderful weekend, I hope you have Baby Happy Hour plans lined up for this evening, and don’t feel down on Monday morning when you log on and find nothing new from moi….KT has to do a bit of work travel….so be patient, and know that I will have something extra special for you by Tuesday.



3 Responses to “National Life Goes as Planned for Mom’s Week: The Final Act”

  1. The Miracle Says:

    Departed is a GOOD movie. Give little Leo a chance on this one!

  2. Selfmademom Says:

    Did you see Us weekly? Angie called shiloh a blob! she doesn’t like babies, is my guess. who knows.

  3. Young Hollywood is drunk and on drugs???
    Wow! This is the guy that knocked out Jesse Metcalf! The story goes that Jesse was rude to his girl (Taryn Manning)… Jesse got a bit heavy handed… And ended up getting knocked him on his ass! Crazy! The guys name is Mams Taylor. Here�s a link to his first music video. , Its stars Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Carmen Electra, Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage), Kelly Carlson (Nip Tuck) and UFC Champ Rampage Jackson. The damn song is stuck in my head and I�ve been humming it all day.

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