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National Mom’s Week: Working Girls March 22, 2007

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Good morning spring kittens –

I hope you have been busily celebrating yourself and your week of no extra surprises, now that we are more than half way through. Fret not, kittens, the beauty of coining our own week is that we can bring it back whenever we want.

So, first, surely you took some time this morning to breathe out any anger. You reflected on how we are a guilt-free zone here at KittyTime, and you relished in the joys your children bring you. 

Before we can get to the theme of today’s entry: no surprises at work – we must first take a minute to think about the Edwards campaign. As loyal fans of KT probably know, yours truly believes that Edwards is a real leading candidate for 2008 President. It helps that he is incredibly sexy and smart, even with a Southern accent.

Surely you’ve heard him say that the health of his wife always supersedes his political ambitions and now we’re getting reports of an Edwards campaign announcement today at Noon after Elizabeth’s doctor’s visit yesterday. We will all be anxiously awaiting that announcement…and must remain positive that Mrs. Edwards is still cancer free and our beloved John is still in the campaign. Afterall, this is National Mom’s No Surprises Week – and Elizabeth Edwards deserves no surprises. And we deserve to see Edwards on TV every night during campaign season. So stay tuned.

Now, kittens, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to business. Today is the day where everything at work will go smoothly, no idiot coworkers will create more work for us, no bosses will berate us or ruin our days with unfair comments and no extra and tedious tasks will be thrown our way.

This one might require more time to breathe out the anger than when we are talking about our husbands. I think this is really the time for you to believe in Santa, kittens, believe that these things are possible.

Now, KittyTime is somewhat omnipotent (am I the only teen that always thinks ‘impotent’ when hearing that word and laughs like Beavis and Butthead?). So, while I am not impotent, I am omnipotent. Or am I omnipresent? Or am I making words up now?

Regardless, I know that there are bosses out there, in particular, who bring their moods to work and make inappropriate comments to hard-working and perfect employees, like moi, and you, if you are a KT reader. I also know this is a particularly egregious offense if you are a preggo. Preggo’s get special attention today because the workplace poses great stress to them during this special time. Everyone worries so much about preggos not over-exerting themselves physically, but it’s easy to forget about the mental strain that work brings to all of us, and how this extra mental strain is particularly difficult during a pregnancy.

And so preggos, I ask you to really take the time today to breathe out the anger, breathe in the positive, and build a fence around negative workplace comments. Remember that the work will get done when you are gone, you will care a whole lot less upon returning from maternity leave, and hideous bosses that are not cognizant of just how hard you work and how much pressure you put on yourself to perform while pregnant – do not deserve the emotional energy they are trying to take from you.

Breathe out the bad bosses. Breathe in the scent of a sweet baby after a warm bath. Think about their little fat rolls on their legs. And all will feel right in the world.

Also, you can read this column from the NYT on bully bosses:

Unlike yesterday’s rants about the stupid headline in the Washington Post, I LOVE the headline in that column from the NYT about bully bosses but you are not helpless.

Mais oui! It rings true with KittyTime’s philosophy. We are masters of our own destiny’s. We do not waste our time on guilt. We do not tolerate lazy husbands. And we are not helpless in difficult work situations. We are pretty and smart KT fans. We do not buy tickets on those bad buses.

So go forth today, dear readers, and remember that work life balance doesn’t really exist but you are a champion at balancing your life in the way that fulfills you and your family.

Remember that you are definitely the smartest person in your department, certainly the most stylish, and insecure bosses and coworkers do not take precious emotional energy from you.

Mais non! This is our week of no surprises and life is good. Go shopping for something fabulous in spring fashion today at lunch….more tomorrow…we will close the week by talking about ourselves! Maybe some celeb gossip, spring fashion, and whatever else yours truly is in the mood for.


2 Responses to “National Mom’s Week: Working Girls”

  1. tweenietime Says:

    Edwards is hump-eriffic. And how dare you trash a Southern Accent, Kween Kitty. Edwards’ accent is like velvet. You just want to sprawl out on it and writhe around – it is so smooth and sweet. Mmmmm.

    I’d like to give a “Whah Whah” to the comments on working preggos. A Million Amens. Could all of the PR Mavens who read Kitty-Time please work hard to get this as a 72 point headline in tomorrows WSJ: Intimidation and Condesention Do Not Motivate Working Women. The article would be about how giving employees a balanced work environment makes us more dedicated and loyal workerbees.

  2. Emma Says:

    My current 39.2 week pregnancy has given me the opportunity to just say “no” to the corporate world for a little while. I made an empowering decision to take a …… week off before my little one is due. I know it’s shocking, but honestly – I deserve it. I don’t feel guilty and love the fact that I don’t have to worry about playing pole position with KT on the roads of DC. 🙂 Besides… I don’t think my bladder could hold out longer than 45 minutes now.

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