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National Mom’s Week – Death to Mommy Guilt March 21, 2007

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Hello spring kittens –

I hope that Day Two of our self-proclaimed week to celebrate ourselves and a life with no surprises went well for you. I assure you, it went perfectly for me, because I arrived home, opened the fridge to feed darling daughter some dinner, only to discover NN had cleaned out and organized my fridge. I yelped out with glee. I jumped up, clicked my heels together and felt a wave of peace rush through me. We ought to declare weeks to celebrate ourselves more often, this one is really working out for me…..

So, now, here we are, on Day Three. For those loyal followers out there, I promised you yesterday that today we would celebrate our children and how they are helping us with no surprises this week. My darling daughter started off on a rocky path this morning, she barely woke up at a decent hour..she started gabbing around 6am. Sometimes a gal just has a lot to say. Knock wood, however, she is healthy and in good spirits today, though, so really, she’s participating fairly in our National Mom’s Week of No Surprises.

But, really, I’d be remiss to not focus on the painful piece from yesterday’s Washington Post. Just reading the headline made me want to gag, “Despite Mommy Guilt….”

Give me a freaking break, people.

Was the reporter, Donna St. George, brainwashed by some man on her way to the computer to bang out her story? Did she get so caught up in the moment of glory, having her piece on the front page of the Post, that she allowed her senses to be parked at the door, as she banged out the headline? Or did someone else bang out her headline and she didn’t even care?

Regardless, here is a link if you’d care to waste your time on the “news”:

Some of you might be wondering, why am I hating? Why so negative? Doesn’t the story go on to say that women today spend more time with their kids than our mother’s generation did? Yadda yadda yadda.

Whatever. I am fired up because:

a. there is no new news in here

b. the media insists upon perpetuating the stupid idea of “mommy guilt” just as much as trying to pit Stay-At-Home Mom’s against Working Moms. Neither of these things are productive or helpful to anyone but clearly somewhere along the line, they believe it sells papers.

And so, dear readers, on this week to celebrate ourselves, I am here to remind you that KittyTime is a guilt-free zone. There is no “mommy guilt” here. There is NO NEED for it.

If you go home after a long day of work and ignore your child and insist upon fielding work phone calls and responding to blackberry messages instead of playing with  your child and talking to them while you feed them dinner, then you should feel like an asshole. Because you are. You are filling some kind of void to convince yourself that you are that important and then you thrive off the guilt. You know this is true. And if I’ve offended you, again, I don’t care.

Go home. Put the work aside, and relish your time with your kids, which- truth be told – on some level – is what the Post story says is happening. Enjoy your precious time with your little baby and cherish each moment. That is partly what this week is about – celebrating our lives – and these babies give us something to celebrate every day.

So, as part of our National Week celebrating ourselves, if you are a dear KittyTime fan, then I’m quite sure you have checked guilt aside, tell those who like to hide behind the “mommy guilt” – particularly if they claim “Oh, I am Catholic” or “Oh, I am Jewish” – it comes with the territory. WHATEVER. Is what I say. Again, no reason to buy a ticket on that bus – do what you need to do, be the best that you can be (ha ha – marines, anyone?) and cherish those babes. We are celebrating what they give us today. And we are celebrating the fact that guilt is nothing but a waste of our precious time and energy.


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