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Beware the Ides of March March 15, 2007

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I think we’ve all established by now that yours truly, dear Kitty Time, is really quite superstitious. And so, I caution you, dear readers, on this 15th day of March, to beware the ides of March. Perhaps I really am a soothsayer? I’m not sure….but let’s see what predictions I can bring you today.

First of all, we know that Julius Ceaser met his untimely death on this 15th day of March, back in 44 B.C. And if memory serves, isn’t there some suspicion of Brutus’ involvement in his slaying?

And so, while I do not believe that we all should be walking around, checking who’s trailing us, or sleeping with one eye open for fear that our modern day Brutus is lurking in a dark corner…..I do think it’s fun to instead play the role of soothsayer.

My first prediction is for those fashionista’s out there. What I see is a spring wardrobe filled with classic pieces spruced up with your own personal je ne sais quoi. Is it a vintage dress you found matched with a pair of red espadrilles? Is it a pair of classic linen pants matched with a funky coral necklace? Or dare you head down the path of the color du jour, yellow? Consider me your soothsayer – beware the shade of yellow. Particularly this spring’s shade – it’s quite bright. Bright yellow does not look that great if you are quite wan. It can really wash you out. Refer back to my earlier spring posting if you doubt me.

My next prediction is for those of you with beloved husbands. I see a weekend filled with husbands dutifully fulfilling all of their household chores – without you having to remind them. C’est vrai. Because, dear readers, KittyTime can play the role of Brutus in their minds…and I have scared them all into action. I have infiltrated email inboxes with brooding messages about their pending and untimely ending should they fail to act. Should they get caught up in the action of March Madness and forget about, oh I don’t know, the current mouse infestation problem in your kitchen, or the new picture that needs to be hung…….they know that the dangers of the Ides of March linger on into this great Month for lazy husbands. Hark – March is, in fact, the best month of the year because it is the month of my birth. More on that later. Do not think that the great day of my birth has come and passed without a peep out of moi on that one. Mais non!

And finally, for the mommy’s out there. I see a week filled with no surprises for you next week. I hear you all breathing out the anger and just believing me. I see a week where childcare providers arrive on time and illness free. I see a week where no nanny’s quit (It is National Nanny’s Won’t Quit Week, next week. C’est vrai). I see a week where the traffic doesn’t prevent you from arriving to work on time, nor does it prevent you from seeing your cherub in the evening because you arrived home too late. I see a week where your precious babe is healthy and thriving and happy all week, sleeping through the night, and napping right on schedule. It’s true. It’s going to be just the kind of week you need, next week, the week where everything falls into place each day, gloriously and you cherish each precious minute of it.

And my final word for the day is for our dear friend Britney, I say to her, beware the bottle filled with the sauce, the bag filled with the white stuff, and any no-name rocker who claims to be your support system. None of those things are what they seem and none are helping you regain back your life and your time with your babies….your mis-steps aren’t even that entertaining for the rest of us anymore…..


2 Responses to “Beware the Ides of March”

  1. billetdoux Says:

    From your lips to God’s ears!

  2. tweenietime Says:

    I hope KT is exactly right!!! I hope next week is National No Surprises Week!

    PS. I’m bored of hearing about Britney.

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