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Spring in my step March 14, 2007

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Good morning Kittens –

I’m not sure where you are logging in from, but from where I’m typing, it’s allegedly going to be 80 degrees today. This spring weather makes everything seem right. I can even laugh about the invasion of mice in my house.

Oh mais oui. C’est vrai. Yesterday morning, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something small and brown scurry across my kitchen floor. Naturally my husband thought I was making the whole thing up. My sister even doubted me. My darling daughter was my only supporter and well, that could be because she didn’t really know what we were talking about. I even began to doubt myself when the day came and went and nothing….no more mice appearances…until about 10pm last night….the mouse met his maker. And then this morning, his cousin met the same fate. Here’s hoping that’s the last of that drama chez moi.

But again, it’s warm, my daffodils are almost blooming. My tulips and hyacinths are actually coming up, I planted them as bulbs in the spring, apparently I planted them right side up (something I worried about) and the squirrels didn’t dig them out. And my new nanny starts Monday. So really, what’s a few dead mice?

And so, with this warm spring weather, I will bring to you today the latest in celebrity gossip. When it’s warm and sunny, I can’t be anything but light and flippant. No serious topics need apply today.

So let’s get started kittens.

First up: Tori Spelling.

I really can’t stand her. She’s ugly. She’s annoying and well, not a good actress. But, in keeping with the celebrity theme of babies being the new black, she delivered a baby boy last night:,,20004211,00.html

One KittyTime fan reported that Tori got pregnant in the first place, for money. Yes. This fan claims that Tori’s dad spelled out a time period in which she would receive more money, in the event of his death, if she became impregnated. I do not even have a link to support this juicy and awful rumor – but well, we love rumors here at KittyTime. Especially unsubstantiated ones about spoiled celebs we don’t particularly like – so chew on that one, if you will.

Next up: our favorite Sex & The City Star, Sarah Jessica Parker, is launching a new fashion line today called Bitten:

I have no idea what the style will be like, where they will be sold, if they will be as funky as her Carrie Bradshaw outfits, or what the price points will be, but I’m sure we’ll hear all about it later today.

And really, you must know that I am saving the best for last.

Our dear friend Britney. It seems that even the mea-culpa of postpartum couldn’t save her.  It seems that the reality is that she isn’t ready to be saved and she isn’t ready to face her demons because if she were, well, then she wouldn’t be photographed with her bald head and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth – hardly screaming mother of the year. Mais non. If she wanted to be saved, we’d only see pictures of her dutifully wearing some kind of wig and opening her arms wide for an embrace as little Sean P runs towards his mummy, desperate for her affection after their long separation. No cigs in sight. No red bull. And certainly no rumors of a rehab romance.

You got it. Rehab romance is now circling the Britney rumor mill. She is apparently mixing it up with some no name rocker dude in rehab and is rumored to leave early – she is all cured now that she’s found a man.  Somehow, Brit has gone from being a poster child for the modern day feminist movement, the wronged child star/mother of children, suffering with postpartum, crying out for help – to being an absentee mom who’s main priority is finding a new man…with a little coke mixed in….with that tequila chaser….to help her time with him pass real nice and smooth:

Me thinks even finding religion this time won’t help her. But stay tuned……..


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