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Week’s Roundup March 9, 2007

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It’s Friday again…time for a weekly round-up of the latest news, celeb gossip, personal drama, and plans for baby happy hour. With that, let’s roll up our sleeves and begin, kittens.

1. It’s always opposite day for the Republicans. The party of Christian values. The party of faith, family and all things sanctimonious in this world. Anyone else throwing up a little bit in their mouth, right along with me? Sure, it should be enough that we’ve been engaged in a civil war that started on nothing but bald faced lies spewed from the mouth of our dear leader, the lying, good for nothing, not even that smart, former Coke addict. Then comes the party’s love of family. You know, nothing would terrorize the sanctimony of marriage more than allowing gays to marry, and yet, apparently providing healthcare for children, and proper free public education really isn’t that important.

Because they preach values. Again, back to the family, family values. And who was a better whipping boy than Bill Clinton? A man we all know, does NOT represent the sanctimony of marriage. But the Republican leaders – THEY would never disavow their marraiges. Mais non!

Until something young and cute comes along and they hope everyone else is looking the other way, like say, paying attention to former President Clinton. Anyone thinking of Newt right about now?  Because the news of his affair that took place while he was busy lambasting Clinton for his affair, is really fun news, people.

Let’s all just remember that the only thing the Republicans do better than the Democrats, is campaign. And well, that didn’t even turn out to be true in this year’s mid-term elections. So here’s hoping our fellow countrymen are maybe paying attention to the fact that the Republican party thinks we’re all too stupid to recognize that they really don’t stand for anything they say they do.  They can say what they want – but they are not the party of family values and it’s time they stopped hiding behind religion.

2. Celebrity news. I’m bored with Britney. I’m sawing logs over the idea of talking about Anna Nicole anymore. I couldn’t care less about stupid Nicole Ritchie and her hospitalization over “dehydration.” (read: she’s starving herself). I’m even bored by the news of Angie’s latest adoption. It’s not that exciting out there people. Salma is proving that once again, in the celebrity world, babies are the new black – what with news of her pregnancy. There are rumors that Sarah Michelle Gellar is preggo. And even looser rumors that Gisele is preggo with Brady’s baby. Believe what you will kittens, but it is fun to talk. Oh, and apparently Madonna doesn’t believe in infant car seat safety, taking a page out of Britney’s book, because she apparently is too busy to strap little David into a car seat:

3. And finally, childcare continues to be the reason behind my deep need for baby happy hour tonight. For those of you hoping for an update on the saga chez moi, here it is. It’s really not for the faint of heart. Yesterday I started my new approach, which is to call the day of the interview to re-confirm the interview time. And once I hire someone, I just might call them every day until they start, to confirm they are starting. So, I called and confirmed, then proceeded to scramble to get a ton of work done because I needed to leave early to get home for the interview. Only to have the prospective new nanny call me five minutes before our scheduled interview time and inform me she just accepted a position with someone else.

Lesson: things are looking up in my house because at least this one had the common courtesy to call.

Bon Weekend, my pretties.


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