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Sound Familiar? March 6, 2007

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Do any the following scenarios remind you of a day in the life of yourself?

Camera pans to frantic working mother, racing to car in morning, unsure of what kind of outfit she might be wearing and if it matches, mumbling under her breath that she can’t live like this and there needs  to be a better routine in the morning and the nanny has got to get there on time. Before she even gets started on what evils her husband perpetrated on  herself and the rest of the world that morning.

Scene two, act one:

Camera finds working woman in the office kitchen, getting herself some tea, while her face is all squished up and she is shaking her head back and forth, wondering how in the hell that idiot was just hired to fill the position in her department because she keeps finding herself doing his job as well.

Scene three, act two:

A Sunday afternoon and camera finds woman standing in long line at Target, her cart is filled to the brim, somehow she has managed to get in line with the slowest cashier in the history of time, her blood is boiling, her heart picking up pace while she thinks about all the time wasted, and considers finding another line that might move faster, all the while swearing off Target and grocery stores on the weekend, for the rest of time.

Admit it, kittens, some of these things sound familiar to you, mais non?

Well, I should warn you, I am Baptist Preacher Kitty again today. Apparently someone still hasn’t gotten me my meds and well, you never know which Kitty I’ll be on any given day.

And so, today, I am aligning with a Southern Baptist Preacher.

No no, kittens, it is not April Fools Day. And this isn’t some cruel joke.

I heard it on the Today Show and I’m actually not all pissed off about it.

Members of a Church are vowing off complaining for 21 days. Did any of the rest of you catch this today? It is really ingenious. And quite possibly, impossible.

But, if any of those scenarios I wrote out, strike a chord with you, then I think we all know they end up with a series of complaints. Whether it be gabbing with a friend on email or over dinner that night with your husband. We all love to complain. If you are a KittyTime reader, then you love to complain. Do not deny it. Moi? Complain? I might be the queen of it on some days! Queen of the land of complainers! C’est moi.

And so, lately I’ve been thinking about what I might do differently in my life to help me relax, seeing as how my family STILL hasn’t staged that Bahama-vention in my living room. There are some nights when I think I should swear off all fashion mags. Then others I think I should avoid any show on TV that starts at 10pm. They always fill my head with paranoid and crazy ideas that make sleep difficult. And inevitably end with me waking my husband to make sure he locked every door and window in the house.

But it’s complaining, dear kittens. Complaining might be cathartic but it might also be the root of half of my problems. Care to join moi in admitting you are the same?

And so, while I do not think it is possible that I could go 21 days without complaining, I will try to make it to Sunday. I’m already counting down the days, but maybe it will make a difference? Maybe I will be all sunshine and roses and have the laid back attitude of a pot-smoking surfing teen?

We’ll see, kittens, but why don’t you join moi and give it a whirl. Who doesn’t love a good challenge?


3 Responses to “Sound Familiar?”

  1. chrissy Says:

    listen here, my number 1 co-conspirer, trickster, get-it-out-of-your-system twinnie:
    I saw that story on Today this morning and thought it was complete bullsh*t…They are in Kansas City! What the hell do they have going on, anyway?
    Not complaining is next to not communicating. Next thing you know that church will be advocating women cooking dinner every night.

    I say NO! (non, non, s’il te plait, non). We must make our voices heard, we must let things out, we have to get things off our chest in order to acknowledge when something isn’t right with the world so we can improve and move forward. If no one ever complained, we still wouldn’t have the right to vote, we wouldn’t have birth control, we wouldn’t have cars with automatic windshield wipers, we wouldn’t have dark AND milk chocolate, we wouldn’t even have the new Windows operating system….See what I’m saying, ma chere? We have got to say something in order to derive solutions. Which is why I don’t think that church thought things all the way through.

    Perhaps what they meant to say is “don’t whine or be a baby.” or “before you blow your top, take a deep breath” (Target really isn’t worth the stress). But if the nanny shows up late or your car breaks down, you can complain – because we all know your complaints prompt action. 😉

  2. Emma Says:

    I will complain and loudly if need be. I would feel as if I was selling myself out if I did not.

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