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Spring on the brain March 2, 2007

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Ahh yes….we’re coming upon that time of year…..that time where the birds start chirping, the flowers start poking their buds out of the ground, the sun is still out when you leave work, and everything feels right in the world again. You can walk outside and breathe in the air without freezing. You can even take your little tyke out for a walk after work. Even if it’s still snowing like hell where you live, we all have spring on the brain.

Weather-wise, March didn’t start like a lion here in DC. But by now, we all know that it started like a lion chez moi. And yet, as true fans of KT know, yours truly bounces back and moves on relatively quickly. So, instead of focusing on nannies and celebrity postpartum depression today, we will instead focus on ourselves.

Your favorite subject, my favorite subject, ourselves. Moi, moi et moi. Let’s talk about me.

Now kittens, we all know that with the blossoming flowers, sunny skies, green grass, and horny teens on spring break, there is still a dark side of spring.

It’s that moment when you look down at your legs and gasp in horror over just how hairy they really are, and then reach for your shades because that pale, wan lifeless looking skin is just a little bit blinding. And then you look further down your leg to your feet. And you feel a little faint. Your toenail polish just might be chipped a bit from your last pedicure in the fall, your heels are all dry and cracked.

C’est vrai, kittens. With the spring comes the need to derobe the beast. The real reason they say March comes in like a lion is because that’s partly what we look like when we don’t have to cover up from head-to-toe to stay warm.

And so my little lambs, let’s think about shopping for spring clothes. Oh yes, we’ve all been thinking about how to freshen up our springtime wardrobe for 2007. We’ve imagined ourselves looking mighty fine in that itsy bitsy polka dot bikini, yachting in the Caribbean, and those adorable capris and ballet flats as we browse the French markets in Provence.

But I caution you. Do not get ahead of yourselves. Before you fall victim to the “it” color of the season, YELLOW, take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. Be truthful. Don’t imagine what you’d look like in that yellow top with your fabulous Mediterranean tan. Mais non, kittens. Realize how that yellow top will look on you with your current pale, dry, winter-traumatized skin.

And instead of heading for the cashier, instead consider heading to the spa.

The same goes for the nautical theme. I swear, doesn’t this trend come back every year? C’est vrai. There is nothing new or original about blue and white stripes with red espadrilles. And while it is adorable on some, horizontal stripes are not always adorable on all of us.

So, I leave you with: Be true when you embark upon your spring infusion shopping adventures. And follow a motto of a dear kitty time friend, “If I don’t love it, I hate it.”

It is sheer brilliance. And it is a guiding principle that will help you build up a spring wardrobe of fabulous must-haves and show stopper outfits.

So repeat after me, “If I don’t love it, I hate it.” And if you truly don’t love it, then retreat, kittens. The hunt will continue and you will find that fabulous piece.

Finally, for all my DC fans, don’t forget, the new Cusp opened in Georgetown this week:


One Response to “Spring on the brain”

  1. tweenietime Says:

    I have been out of town in the time Cusp went from paper on the windows to a full-blown fabulous store. When I saw Cusp this morning on my way in to work, I nearly jumped out of the car and humped the store window.

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