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Brit – the new Gloria Steinem? February 28, 2007

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OK, so by now, we’ve all read the TMZ gossip reports that Britney’s doctors are claiming that she does not, in fact, have substance abuse issues but the root of her problems are from postpartum depression. With possibly a little bipolar mixed in. Maybe with a sprinkle of cocaine and meth on top. With a shot of tequila to help it all go down real nice and smooth. 

Seriously kittens. Kitty-Time has felt for a while that if I were Brit’s publicist, I would spin postpartum like the top that never stopped spinning. It’s the mea culpa to get her out of this mess.

Postpartum IS a very real and very serious disease that impacts far too many women.  And we all gasped in horror when little gay Scientologist Tom Cruise lambasted Brooke Shields for taking medicine to help her.

On the flip side, hasn’t her career seen just the resurgence she was looking for since Shields read Cruise the riot act in her NYT published op-ed in July 2005?

Which is my point, Brit’s publicists need to cling onto postpartum like a 29-year old clings onto the last seconds of that decade. Like the President is clinging on to the reasons we went to war. Like Sean P clings to his nanny. Should I keep going?

Sure, we will never know if Brit really has postpartum. But really kittens, haven’t we seen far too much evidence of how much she likey the clubs and the booze and the party scene, all the while having two sweet young babes at home. And yet, her brilliant publicists, in cahoots with the specialists at her rehab center, can weave a tale of a young babe struggling with postpartum and we will forgive her.

We are a country that likes to forgive and look away.

After-all, we turned our heads when the Supreme Court ruled President Bush is the President.

We like mea culpas, we like damsels in distress, we like to see someone come back from rock bottom and try again.

As for postpartum, whether this continues to raise the attention of this serious problem that so many new mothers face, in a positive and constructive way, only time will tell. I never thought Brit could be the new face of an important woman’s issue, but maybe she will be, whether it’s true or not.

And before I leave you today, surely you are on the edge of your seat for a nanny update.  Zen was so February 26th. Anxiety was so February 27th. Peace in the land is so Feb 28th. You got it, kittens, I am like some kind of psycho-path off my meds. I’m Buddhist yoga kitty one day, someone get me an IV filled with Xanax kitty the next day, and Positive Baptist preacher kitty another day.

Today, I have to believe that it will all work out in the end and I will find a nanny quickly and she will be a variation of Mary Poppins, because if I don’t, then I’m clinging on to something as desperately as Joan Rivers is to botox.


One Response to “Brit – the new Gloria Steinem?”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Kitty, you are enfuego today! And so right on the money…

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