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Genie, is that you? February 24, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Wired_Momma @ 1:47 pm

Loyal Kitty-Time readers will recall my rantings from the other day about lazy husbands who sleep through nuclear explosions and screaming babies.

Well, this morning, KT woke up for the SECOND morning in a row, blissfully unaware of the sounds of her darling daughter, only to find her darling husband half-way to the baby’s room to retrieve her from the crib.

And yours truly didn’t hear a peep!!

Could it be, KT is left wondering?

Is this blog like my magic lamp? I’ve rubbed the lamp and my first wish has come true? My husband is hearing the baby and handling the situation, while I sleep blissfully away?

Is it opposite day?

Should I be posting about my other two wishes?

Is this a magical Internet genie that hears our cries and responds?

Seriously, who the hell knows, but I’m loving it!


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