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Week’s Round-up February 23, 2007

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Well, dear readers, it’s Friday again, thankfully….and I have another Baby Happy Hour on the horizon…thankfully. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit too early for a hot tottie, even for moi, so I will instead provide you with a quick round-up of the week’s bizarre, disappointing, and just plain juicy, news.

First, from our nation’s capitol.

Kitty-Time attended last night’s Press Foundation Awards, courtesy of a dear reader. She and the dear reader attempted to do the job of, while we attempted to find Project Beltway in the hopes of being oh-so-surprised when we logged on this morning to find our pictures on her site.

Sadly, we never located her and regretted not inviting her to our table.  In the meantime, we had high hopes that the members of the fourth estate would set the trend of the spring awards season in Washington with fabulous gowns. Mais non! Black is still the new black in DC. Most gowns were dowdy and uninteresting and well, a grave disappointment. We did see a few that pushed the envelope but not really in the black tie appropriate yet cutting edge and hip kind of way. More in the “not sure what you were thinking way” – which, we know, is not Project Beltway’s style, to mock. So – my conclusion: we still have some work to do with black tie gowns in DC, both for the over 45 and under 45 crowd.

Now onto the other news of the week:

Brangelina looking to adopt another baby, this time from Vietnam? Really? Already?

Trump tried to force Nancy O’Dell out of hosting the Miss USA pageant because she’s pregnant and well, he doesn’t like how pregnant women look. Apparently he doesn’t mind knocking them up and staring at their big boobies but god forbid they have a belly. It’s good he thinks that, you know, because he is so hot.

Brit has achieved the unimaginable. She’s made KFed look like he might be on track for fatherhood of the year. I really don’t know what else to say about her. She’s a mess. The situation is really out of control. Dear Kitty-Time fans have informed me that they’ve concluded her problems stem from a combo of alcohol, meth or coke, and postpartum. Any other ideas?

And finally, the circus that has become the Anna Nicole hearing, reached an anti-climatic conclusion when Howard K. Stern and that weird looking blond dude agreed to bury her in the Bahamas.

With that, I wish you Bonne Weekend! Enjoy the red carpet show on the Oscars on Sunday!


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