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Blissful Sleep February 22, 2007

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Does anyone else out there have a husband who could sleep through World War III and if you woke him to alert him that the world was imploding, he would mumble something  useless and roll back to sleep?

Does anyone else out there deliberately wake their husband when the baby is crying because they are so pissed off that, once again, they are the only one that hears the crying and is fretting over whether to enter the nursery or hope it passes? Meanwhile their husband is sawing logs like the baby should be?

How can this be? How can the male species sleep through EVERYTHING? It’s like some sort of genetic mutation that happened for the sole purpose of enraging women everywhere. As if a screaming baby or a loud neighbor waking you up in the middle of the night isn’t enough to ruin the rest of the night’s sleep, but then your husband goes and makes it worse by SLEEPING THROUGH EVERYTHING.

If anyone has found a way to drag their husband down with them, please, enlighten moi. I just keep poking mine until he wakes up, even if he’s back to sleep in minutes, at least I get the satisfaction of knowing I disrupted his sleep briefly.

Is that wrong? Probably. But them’s the breaks when you marry Kitty-Time.

So share your secrets, beloved readers, or at least tell me that I am not alone at 2am when these things are happening Chez Moi.


4 Responses to “Blissful Sleep”

  1. Emma Says:

    A nuclear explosion could happen right next to my dear husband’s head and he wouldn’t hear a thing.

    To add insult to injury, he has begun wearing earplugs to sleep, because now that I’m very pregnant and can’t breathe (or eat or sleep or hold my bladder for more than 5 minutes) I now snore.

    I couldn’t figure out why after yelling his name from the bathroom to get up – he hadn’t heard me. Imagine my surprise and pissedoffedness when I shook him and he pulled earplugs out of his ears!!!

    All I can say is that there will be hell to pay if he sleeps through the baby crying!

  2. kittytime Says:

    Dear Sweet Emma – your story made me laugh out loud! Trust Kitty Time on this – your husband WILL SLEEP THROUGH THE BABY CRYING.
    And you will find a deeper range from within than you knew possible.
    Be sure to check back with KT once you have your beautiful baby and let us know how that sleeping husband is doing…we’ll want to know!! Is he like the rest of them? Sleeping away…..

  3. Melanie Says:

    Im a poker too..

  4. Emily Says:

    I’ve actually done some extensive research, and to my dismay, I’ve discovered that it is part of the male genetic code. And that is coming from a girl who can usually sleep through anything.

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