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Lent Schment…is it the Season for Scrooge? February 21, 2007

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Hello kittens –

 Kitty-Time is sorry to have taken so long to post today. It’s been one of those days. Apparently my family didn’t get the memo on the Bahama-vention. I’m still waiting for that private jet to land on my front lawn…I had my bags all packed and my shocked expression all practiced out…for when I came home and found them all waiting sternly in my living room….and yet….nothing. Nada. Zip. Zippo.

 And so – I will be brief today but make a deep and significant impact on your lives, as I do every day, surely. Vrai? Mais oui!

Apparently I’m a little dusty in my relationship with religion. The only reason I knew yesterday was Fat Tuesday was because I heard rumors of food in the lobby….and immediately sharpened my elbows and went running for our office lobby, only to learn the food was in the building lobby. We had a Fat Tuesday party and I indulged.

It was then that I realized what follows Fat Tuesday is….Ash Wednesday….which is today.

And with the onset of Lent comes the big question, “what are you giving up for Lent?”

Let’s be honest kittens, Kitty-Time doesn’t do well with restrictions.

Have a girl scout cookie? Can I eat the whole box?

Have a bottle of wine? My work isn’t done until the wine is gone.

Give me a monthly budget for extra goodies? How about I spend it all by the third day of the month and then start borrowing against myself from the next month on day four.

And so, me and Lent, we’ve never really been BFFs.

So last night as I was driving home from work (read: driving like a maniac,  zipping in and out of traffic, damning the slow drivers to hell with a slow and painful death along the way), I thought about what it is that I might realistically give up for Lent.

And then it hit me – give up, what the hell haven’t I given up?

I’ve given up quiet morning time.

I’ve given up caring about having a pair of nylons without a run.

I’ve given up having a chance to leisurely peruse a mall and shop for myself.

I’ve given up movies. If you’re pregnant, stop believing you’ll get to the theater again. If you believe that, ask any parent how many movies they saw in 2006. For me, it was one. For my husband, he hasn’t been to the theaters since “Wedding Crashers.”

Yes, that would be the summer of 2005.

And so, as I was darting through traffic and cursing, ever the picture of angelic Catholicism and Motherhood, (meanwhile, still checking my blackberry and listening for Hollywood gossip on the radio but was also pissed that I still have to listen to commercials. Where the hell is my XM?), I realized that Lent is just another example of the patriarchal Catholic Church keeping women down.

And while I’m being somewhat facetious, I’ve decided that I’ve given enough up. I might be the picture of gluttony when gorging on a box of Samoas, but sometimes, a girl has to eat or shop to get her way out of a bad day.

I could always end with a positive note – I might have given up a lot but I’ve gained way more with my darling daughter. And while, that is more true than I could ever communicate to my darling fans, it’s not really that sassy.

And so – forget what you are giving up. Bah Humbug on that.

Think about what you’ve given up and how it’s made you a better person….and then move on to what spring fashions every stylish gal must have. And be sure to send a link along if you find anything good!


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