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Calgon, Take me Away February 20, 2007

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Or how about “Bahama-vention” – come find me.

Seriously – have any of you watched that commercial and secretly wished that you would walk into your living room and find a room full of your beloved family and friends, staging an intervention, to toss you out the door and onto the next chartered private jet for the tropics?

Because, dear readers, that is me.

I need a break. I see a shot of a white sandy beach and warm waves on TV, and I immediately start projecting myself onto that beach. I heard a few birds chirping this morning as I schlepped myself into my 6am workout class, and pictured myself waking up in a first class hut in Tahiti, with the tropical birds singing outside my window, and it’s really 10am…and there’s some kind of butler, rowing my breakfast across the ocean from the main resort area to my private hut.

Have you found yourselves wondering if my husband and darling daughter are with me, in these Bahama-vention scenarios that play out in my mind?

They could be. They’re actually not the ones that are causing me to need a vacation, at least not right now.

So, let’s review all the cues that you, too, need a Bahama-vention:

1. You glanced in the mirror as you passed by on your way out the door to work, and realized that your roots have grown out past your ear and only the bottom quarter of your hair is highlighted anymore. In other words, you are easily two months late for a highlight but just now noticed.

2. You imagine all the ways you want to kill the driver in front of you en route to work because they are driving BELOW the speed limit.

3. You can’t remember the last time you were on time to work.

4. You are wearing hose with a run up the back and you don’t even care.

5. You can’t remember the last time you went on vacation.

6. You are actually looking for someone to be mean too.

Should I keep going, or is this list stressing you out as it is me?

If you, dear readers, can identify with several, or all, of the above listed points – then sign yourselves up for a Bahama-vention as well. If you can think of any to add to the list, please do so, I could feel my blood pressure rising as I was typing it out so I decided against rounding it out to 10…


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