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Hair February 18, 2007

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Dedicated KT readers will recall a posting where I lambasted some moron on the Today Show who declared “Hair is Biblical.”

And while I stand by how useless and embarrassing that particular piece was, we all can agree that a woman’s relationship with her hair is significant.

It’s true. We’ve all done this. We’ve all chopped our hair, dyed our hair, layered our hair, asked for bangs, or cut our bangs – as a reaction to something. Did your boyfriend just breakup with you? Did you just get fired? Did you just grow your hair out for your wedding and the next day, chop it because you just can’t take it one second longer?

We’ve all done it. Doing something drastic with your hair is a way to make an immediate change in your life when you really need it – be it for a good reason or a bad one.

Kitty Time believes that we make the most dramatic changes in our hair when something negative has happened. It is a way to control something and fix it – right?

While it’s not a biblical relationship, per say, a woman’s relationship with her hair reveals a lot about her and her current state of mind.

Which brings me to Britney.

By now, we all know that she shaved her head and clearly wanted the cameras to capture her new look on Friday night.

Brit is no Sinead O’Connor. She did not shave her head to stand for something, to belt out against the Church. She’s also not Kylie Minogue – she is not staring down breast cancer and fighting it with every ounce of her being.

She is a baby who is spinning out of control and just clearly needed to do something. Did she do it for attention? Did she do it to throw her sexuality and all the ways her managers try to control her image – right in their face? Did she do it because she was all hopped up on Mountain Dew? Or something a little stronger….

It’s possible.

But the point is – she did it and being a woman, we all know she did it for a reason.  And it’s pretty safe to assume she’s in a terrible place mentally.

Now – don’t go thinking that I’ve changed my tune and am no longer criticizing her, like I was on Friday.

What I’m really getting at here is that she is a baby who has two babies.

She has been acting out for months and while we’ve all gobbled it up and dished about it, along the way, there are two babies involved. Where is Jayden James, anyway? Again – we still haven’t really seen a picture of him.

And what about little Sean P?

We all might like KFed a little more now than we did before, but let’s not forget, he is still the father of those babies (and two more, at that). So far, he’s not on track to win any fatherhood of the year awards.

So really – what Britney represents – is the danger of babies having babies.

And where the hell is her mother in all of this?

Sometimes hair really can be a window into the health of our soul and our minds, as trite as it sounds. Right now, I’m looking in Brit’s window and not seeing her happy place. I really don’t care about her but the idea of two little babies being lost out there in the midst of all this – weighs heavily on my heart.


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