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Rehab is the new Catwalk February 16, 2007

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A dear kitty time friend just inspired a quick late Friday afternoon posting. You all surely know by now that Brit is in rehab. It is a requirement of KT to be up on latest Hollywood gossip.

And so, before we head into this long holiday weekend, instead of thinking about our past President’s and how they impacted our nation’s history, focus on the young Hollywood tramps.

Brit Brit



They’re embarassing. They are embarassing to us all – and really – what services do they provide to the world? Brit really isn’t even talented. I’m not sure why Hohan is a star, and what did Paris ever do beyond make a sex tape and get it spread around the internet before YouTube even existed?

I’m tired of “stars” thinking that the first step to cleaning up their image is to go into rehab. These young women have done nothing more than parade their half naked bodies in front of the cameras and show little girls how NOT to grow up.

I’m beginning to sound like a grumpy old Republican!

And with that, you better believe I’m stopping to pick up the latest round of gossip rags on my way home.


2 Responses to “Rehab is the new Catwalk”

  1. Debra Says:

    You’re right, Kitty. These girls are embarrassing us all! Just the other day, my co-worker (a father of two adorable little girls) and I were discussing that recent Newsweek cover story on the influence of Linds-Paris-Brit on our country’s young girls. He, who apparently is too busy being a father to keep up with the celebrity gossip blogs, was shocked and horrified to hear how these lovely role models have taken to being photographed sans panties.

    This led us to try to think of POSITIVE famous female role models for his sweet little daughters. I suggested Nancy Pelosi, he (quite accurately) pointed out that Pelosi doesn’t really have the commercial appeal to attract the under-10 crowd. Okay, okay. We both thought of Mia Hamm. I’ll buy that, though probably more for girls who are into sports. And then, we sat there is total silence, both racking our brains for one, positive, famous female role model that a parent would be proud to offer a young girl that could come anywhere close to the appeal of Paris-LL-Brit. Maybe MaryKate and Ashley? No, that whole eating disorder thing. Hilary Duff. Uh….not exactly. You get my point here, Kitty.

    I felt a little sad for the rest of the afternoon at the realization that people without underwear have so much influence over today’s young girls.

  2. Selfmademom Says:

    what about Hillary Duff? I feel like she is a good role model. Thank god I have a boy so he can look up to , uhm, eh, help?

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