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I’ve been tagged February 15, 2007

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My sister tagged me with some dumb game –

And while I generally ignore such games, I am otherwise uninspired on this cold February morning, so I will play along. The purpose of the game is to reveal three things about moi that you might not already know. Yes, I am a woman of mystery and many secrets, surely you know that… first let’s review what you do know about moi:

1. I believe the President might be one of the dumbest people walking around town and am embarrassed that he is occupying the White House.
2. I want to lick the screen whenever I see Bill Clinton on the TV.
3. I get borderline homicidal when I have to wait in traffic or in line.
4. I procrastinate all of my work until the very last few hours before a deadline and then work like a maniac to get it all done – and get super pissed off if my friends or family dare interrupt me during this time (meanwhile, you better be accessible to me when I want to play!) 5. I love food.
6. I used to mock emotional people until I had a baby and now I cry at anything.
7. Borrowing the words of a dear readers’ mother, my daughter fills my soul.
8. I love all things French.
9. I am a compulsive Internet shopper..and subsequently, I return almost everything.
10. I hate to drive.

So now, three things you might not know about me – let’s see if I can surprise any of you with these:

1. When emotional about anything, my stomach pays the price.
Story: When I was 6, I puked the entire flight to Orlando and the entire bus ride to Disney World and then chowed down on fried chicken and ice cream when we reached the Disney Characters buffet. Anyone surprised?

2. I think Girl Scouts are the devil -neck and neck with the Vice President.
Story: I know they only come out once a year but I cannot control myself. If you have a box of Samoas around me, I will eat the entire box in one sitting and cannot stop. It is like a magnetic force pulls me to them and nothing can get in my way. If you dare reveal the fat count to me, I will abruptly end our friendship and disconnect you from my blog.

3. When I was almost 9 months pregnant, I yelled at an old man for cutting in front of me in line. He might have had a cane, but I was carrying a baby. And yes, he did get booted to the back of the line…..

Is anyone really surprised?


2 Responses to “I’ve been tagged”

  1. CoffeeBreak Revolution Says:

    It’s true, you know? Miss Kitty-Time never missed an opportunity to mock my emotional tendancies when we were mere sprouts. Glad to see your on my side of the fence now, Weepy Pants! Muwhahahahahahahhahaa!

  2. Alex S Says:

    Ditto 100% about the girl scout cookies. Do you think it’s the actual taste or is it that we know that it’s only available for like 1 month out of the year and from only one source? Imagine if they sold those in the stores? They’d make a killing AND I’d be 400 lbs.

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