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Fashion Confessions & Insanity is Global February 13, 2007

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Dear Readers –

Kitty-Time just arrived to work…..more than just fashionably late (can I blame the weather?) only to discover a big break – someone beyond just my inner circle of friends is reading Kitty-Time! And she likes it! a true KT reader, we’re all thinking, OF COURSE she likes it, KT is funny, sarcastic, fresh and well..cute, right? But seriously, what a fun way to start such a gloomy day.

And, our friend Rachel, DC’s newest fashion critic, makes a good point in her response to my Ann Taylor critique….we all have it in our closets, and it’s about how we mix it. C’est vrai. She is right (also – there is nothing ever right about Chicos). So, I will begin today’s entry with a confession….as I read her entry: and then looked down at myself, I realized that I am wearing an Ann Taylor turtleneck and pants today. Lordy lordy – am I the pot calling kettle, or what?

Does bad weather give us the excuse to dress poorly?

Mais non! Because I added in my sweet new purchase from – anyone been to this store in Boston? I’ve only shopped online and as a true sucker for compliments, was sold when I received my purchases and found a tag on the inside that reads “You are a stylish girl.”

Flattery will get you everywhere avec moi.

So, about those accessories. We all have pregnant friends. As they get bigger and bigger and the months pass, they begin to realize that all those “models” in preggo clothes – well, they’re really not preggo models. They’re just regular thin models with a fake bump. Maybe SOME of them are pregnant but honestly – they’re like 4-5 months pregnant. And if you’ve given birth – you know that you ain’t seen nothing yet at 4-5 months pregnant. Here’s an example of what looks good on a model but not on a really pregnant woman, so don’t fall victim ladies:

Now, what can you do as a preggo?


Jewelry – necklaces, earrings, scarves, purses, shoes (unless your feet are growing), these are your new best friend. Personally, as I grew larger, I realized that I hated large accessories. Anything too thick or heavy just made me feel thicker or heavier. And while we are all confessing, I will say that I’ve found some of my best jewelry purchases at Banana Republic. I just noticed that JCrew is now selling jewelry and then, let’s not forget, the fabulous Super Hero Designs:
All the women in my family wear her jewelry and they really spruce up an otherwise dull outfit.

So go forth, dear readers, and accessorize, you can never go wrong and it will only disguise the inner-Ann Taylor in you.

Now, let’s turn our attention away from fashion and towards a worldwide problem: preschool.

I bet you never knew that the insanity that ensues from preschool is, in fact, a global phenomenon.

Gather round kittens, if you have children, then you already know this. If you don’t, you might think, once again, that I am exaggerating. And sure, I do love to exaggerate to improve an otherwise dull or mundane story, but sadly, this time, it’s true.

It turns out that getting your snot-nosed twerp into preschool is a process that must begin when you see a positive result on your preggo test. And this extreme problem has crossed the pond and is reaching new levels even in London, if you read a recent story in the WSJ:

If only the French are also doing it, then I’ll feel much better and almost fashionable, when I begin stalking my daughter’s future preschool on a weekly basis in April. Stay tuned to find out if being cute, well dressed, willing to grease a few palms, and obsessively calling, helps her get in any sooner….


2 Responses to “Fashion Confessions & Insanity is Global”

  1. Fashion Says:

    Anne Reagan?? Vraiment?? Come on Kitty, you can do better than that. That store is no better than Ann Taylor… Having style is all about what suits you and how you can pull it off, regardless of what the label says, non?

  2. Kitty Time Says:

    OF COURSE! But my A.R. coat today is uber chic……
    Fashion makes the most impt point in her comment, dear readers…that what you are wearing is more about your attitude! And we know KT readers have plenty of sass.

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