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Stop using guilt as a crutch February 8, 2007

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Hello Dear Readers –

Well…..of all the qualities Kitty-Time was blessed with – aww shucks..don’t embarrass me with shouting out “Beauty,” “Wit,” “Brains,” “That Smokin’ Hot Body!” – confidence is most definitely one of them. It is confidence, after all, that gives moi the chutzpah to say what I think, which is why you love moi.

And so, while I previously declared 2007 the year of paper (hopefully you all have your own personalized paper and return address labels by now), I am also calling 2007 the year to STOP WITH THE GUILT, PEOPLE.

We are all masters of our own destiny. Each of us have busy, hectic lives – whether you have children or not, whether you work full-time or not, the demands on our schedules are very real and maintaining a balance is extremely difficult.

But, learning how to say “no” and moving on – is fundamentally important for Kitty-Time readers. We all must have a well balanced life in order to maintain our beauty and sleep well at night. We must have enough time alone with our partners, or at the gym, or having drinks with the girls, or playing with our kids, or whatever it is that you need. And so – in order to maintain that, we gotta give something up. We have to decline an invitation, we have to not go to an event, we have to just say “No, sorry, I just can’t” and be ok with it.

Kitty-Time has always made a concerted effort to stand by this mantra. Right now, I am pretty unwilling to give up my weekday evenings or time during the weekend day’s because all of that is my precious time with my darling daughter – and really – very little is more important to me. C’est vrai – sometimes I feel bad for a New York minute. Sometimes, I attend an event because professionally I need too, or a friend is coming in from out of town and there are exceptions – but I stand firm on keeping my balance.

But even worse than habitual offenders of being over scheduled are those who use GUILT as the crutch.
Stop doing that, it doesn’t become a lady.

You, again, are the master of your own destiny. And so, should you feel GUILTY (unless you’ve physically harmed someone, or you voted for President Bush even just once), THAT IS YOUR CHOICE.

Kitty-Time’s wise father would say “Don’t buy a ticket on that bus.”

And well, where do you think I get my wisdom from? (also my mother, of course. remember – all of you – your mother gave you life! Always cherish her! : )

And so – stop with the “guilt.”
Stop with the over-scheduling.

Take charge of your life.
Strike a balance and feel good about it.

Just say no, kids. Nancy R. got a few things right so far.

Be a confident Kitty-Time reader. We all like you more when you’re confident!


3 Responses to “Stop using guilt as a crutch”

  1. Emma Says:

    I feel very honored to have some time with you this weekend 🙂 I’m totally in agreement on the overscheduling and guilt!!

  2. Sara Says:

    Evidently you are not jewish.

  3. Kitty Time Says:

    That’s a load of crap, sara! Guilt is just as present in Catholicism as in Judaism. Again – people use guilt as a crutch.

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