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Spank me! February 1, 2007

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Now…how many of you have your minds in the gutter and think today’s entry is going to be something provocative about the boudoir?

Heh heh.

If you do, then you are a true Kitty-Time friend.

But, c’est vrai. The purpose of this blog is not to be dirty. So go read something else.

Today we will discuss spanking. Surely by now, you all have heard that some Assemblywoman from the Bay Area wants to introduce a bill in California to make it against the law for parents to spank their children under the age of four. She views it as a form of abuse and believes her role is to protect the children.

Now – I am all for protecting children. A wise friend of mine pointed out that even seeing children hurt on a fictional TV show is more painful to watch once you become a parent. She couldn’t have been more right about that.

But Kitty-Time also thinks there is a point to everything.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s all remember for a minute that California fancies itself as the bellwether state and its state politicians are always looking for ways to set the trend across the country. But this time – are they for real? Spending all the time and taxpayer’s money to protect the children from their own parents? What about a parent’s right to discipline their child as they see fit?

Now- I do believe the state protects abused children, and though there is never enough money or people to do the job properly – that is the role of government and what we pay taxes for. But this has gone too far.

Are we to believe that a neighbor is supposed to call the police if they see a parent spanking a three-year old? And the police are going to respond? We are supposed to pull the police away from serious crimes, like domestic violence, armed robbery, or sexual assault – to come punish parents for choosing how best to discipline their child?

Enough is enough and this is ridiculous.

Am I saying I am a fan of spanking? No. Am I saying that I intend to spank my child? I really don’t think so but then again, she doesn’t have the language ability to talk back. She also hasn’t quite figured out how to throw a temper tantrum in public and demand what she wants. So who am I to judge?

If you’d like to read a bit more on it, here’s a link:,1,3943927.column?coll=la-news-politics-california


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