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It’s Biblical, people January 31, 2007

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It happened again.

Different day.

Different topic.

Yet – I found myself in that same place again. That state of shock. That state of horror. And really, that state of embarassment.

THIS is national news? THIS is what I’m supposed to listen too.

You got it.

Once again, this morning, Kitty-Time was upstairs, cherishing a few precious minutes to herself, with her cold coffee, tearing through her closet looking for something to wear to work, listening to the “Today Show” and this is what she heard: “It’s biblical, really.”

Now, surely you are wondering – what is biblical?

The miracle of birth?
The magnitude of how stem cell research can help fight debilitating diseases?

Mais non!



I really, really, can’t even make this up. Seriously. I’m not even exaggerating to you this time. It’s true.

Let me repeat: HAIR IS BIBLICAL.

Some idiot woman said that on the “Today” show this morning and Ann Curry was smiling and nodding away.

Did any of you see this?

How can the producers of this show look themselves in the mirror every day? How can Ann Curry consider herself a newswoman? I’m sorry. Is there not a civil war in Iraq? How about the genocide in Sudan? Did anyone read Kristof’s column in Sunday’s NYT about the militia tossing babies into burning fires in Darfur?

What about the lack of healthcare for poor women and children in our country?

Is any of that really important when we have HAIR to talk about?

Sure. I, too, like to think about my hair. I feel bad when it’s frizzy and psycho in the summer and when it’s overgrown and needs a trim. I cringe when I look in the mirror and see roots in the reflection back. I mock those with mullets. I giggle when I see all of your old high school pics with huge bangs. We all like to talk about Hair.

But is this really what we need to be spending a few minutes discussing on the “Today” show?

I really am beginning to take issue with some of our national news programs.


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