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Yeah…I’m Judging January 29, 2007

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OK – so I might have been all about positive mom talk last week…claiming that there is too much mom vs. mom attacks in the media.

But today is Monday. The beginning of a new week..and almost the beginning of a new month (is it me, or has January DRAGGED ON AND ON? maybe it’s because I spent my shopping/frivolous budget for the month by around Jan 12th but this is torture).

Anyhoo…Kitty-Time digresses. Back to judging.

So – my claws are out with Brit-Brit. She’s just so trashy, she seems to have hit rock bottom since she declared she was divorcing KFed. I mean – is she ever home with her children? Is she ever sober? Does she not realize how WT she looks? And where is a pic of her kid? Is it Jayden James? Sutton Pierce? Why haven’t we seen him? And why isn’t anyone crying foul like they did when little Suri Cruise was kept hidden for so long?

And so, while I’m busily judging Brit for being a lousy absent mom (yeah – she might be the one giving Baby Happy Hour a bad name)……imagine my shock when I am AMUSED and somewhat taken with..GASP…KFed.
Quel Horreur!

You got it. KFed is doing a good job of warming us up to him…and how is he doing that, dear readers? By making fun of himself.

You got it.

The annual Super Bowl is this coming Sunday (what a total waste of everyone’s time) BUT KFed is featured in a Nationwide Insurance commercial making fun of his current financial state…check out the hilarious overview on my fav Pink is the New Blog:


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