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Finally….some real & healthy women January 29, 2007

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Kitty-Time has been remiss in not posting about this sooner. In fact, ABC deserves a real shout-out for hiring some fabulous actresses with tremendous talent and REAL BODIES.

But first, let’s set the stage. IS there anyone out there who thinks Ellen Pompeo or Terri Hatcher look good? IF you do – then go find something else to read. And grab a Snickers along the way. Kitty-Time is here to tell you that these two women are just two examples of far too many actresses that look DISGUSTING.

In particular, as the mother of a daughter, I think that it is fundamentally important that we all set positive examples for our children with food and health, and this includes healthy eating. No need to gorge on an entire super size bag of M&M’s but honestly, no need to count out three M&M’s for an accurate serving size and for your exclusive treat for the week. You get my point. I think Terri Hatcher and Ellen Pompeo would look so much better if they each gained about 15 pounds. I actually cringe when I see them.

But back to positive Kitty-Time. Let’s give a shout out to some actresses that have very real and very beautiful bodies.

Katherine Heigl of “Grey’s Anatomy” is one. She is definitely very sexy but not too thin. She has curves. How about Sara Ramirez, also of “Grey’s.” At first glance, you might find yourself thinking she is “big.”
But if you think that, then you obviously didn’t see her shimmying in her underwear last year. She was hot. Not many can get away with that. Her body is real, it is strong, it is healthy and she looks fantastic.

How about America Ferrera from “Ugly Betty.” I don’t watch this show but I just glanced through the pictures from last night’s SAG awards and she looks GORGEOUS. Again – beautiful curves.

And finally, the very woman Kitty-Time would love to be, Chandra Wilson, from “Grey’s Anatomy.” She is my favorite female character on TV. Strong, intelligent, funny, but still an emotional mom. She is definitely not stick thin. But she is real. And I love her for it.

For a quick glance at some of the gowns from last night’s SAG Awards..and to see some of the very actresses I speak of…click here:

And finally, of all the actresses I just mentioned, only one is white. One is African American and two are Latina. I could have mentioned Jennifer Hudson but she sort of pisses me off. She’s just a regular person off the street. How do we know that I couldn’t win an Oscar if given the chance?

Again, I digress.

Back to ethnicity’s. Of the actresses I mentioned, Katherine Heigl is also the thinnest. This disturbs me. These are very real cultural differences. We expect Latina women and African American women to have curves. But we expect the white actresses to have the body of a 12 year old boy. Time for all of us to see more actresses with real bodies and praise them for it.

So catch yourself before you call one of these women “big,” ladies. Especially if you have a little daughter in your house.


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