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Baby Happy Hour – A National Crisis January 26, 2007

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Kitty-time, like most mom’s, gets very few minutes to herself in the morning before darting off to work. And while I am always 15-25 minutes late to work, you can rest assured that I have pretty much been up since 5:45am and have been running around like a fool the entire time. Subsequently, those precious few minutes to myself, in my bedroom, while I figure out what to wear to work and apply some makeup, are minutes I cherish. Now – these minutes aren’t stress free. Kitty-time is generally running through a laundry list of items in her mind about the upcoming day, what needs to be done that evening, what needs to be defrosted for dinner, does the darling daughter’s laundry need to be done, did I leave out warm enough clothes for her for the day, did I remember to put out her lunch, did I need to talk to the nanny about anything, what else am I forgetting, and so on and so forth.

If there is time, Kitty-Time quite enjoys tuning into a morning news program to hear what might be considered news for those precious few minutes while she sips her cold coffee and wonders what the hell to wear to work that day.

And so – imagine my dismay and anger when, during those precious few minutes this morning, my time was utterly wasted with crap. And Meredith Viera was leading the charge.

Apparently we have a pending national pandemic of alcoholic mom’s, people. In fact, the ever-so-credible polling results from, indicates that over 50% of respondents think something gravely wrong is happening. So, we should all jump on the bandwagon to continue judging other mom’s. You got it.

When gathering together for late afternoon/early evening play dates, it seems that women are – GASP – having SOMETHING TO DRINK. A true beverage complete with alcohol.


How dare these women get together and do anything but oodle over every move their precious child makes.

How dare they get together, let the children play, and have a few sips of some wine as a way to wind down from the otherwise hectic day.

These hideous women are surely just raising a bunch of pinko commie alcoholic floozies for children. What else can this possibly mean?

I mean seriously.

THIS is national news? THIS is what the Today Show is talking about during the coveted time of 8:15am.

If I could have crawled through the screen and punched Meredith in the face, I would have (indeed, apparently I am teaching my child that alcohol AND violence can solve your problems).

Apparently these women, and kitty-time is included because she looks forward to Baby Happy Hour every Friday, are teaching their children that they need alcohol to have a good time.

Not to mention, these women are diminishing their ability to properly tend to their children should the need arise.

What about the lesson in responsible consumption? What about having a glass of wine while chatting with friends and watching children play, is wrong? This is just completely ridiculous.

In case you think I’ve had one too many, feel free to read the online recap here:

I really have nothing more to say about this other than I hope all of you have Baby Happy Hour plans tonight.


2 Responses to “Baby Happy Hour – A National Crisis”

  1. mwl Says:

    kitty.. looking forward to our no baby mimosa fueled birthday breakfast tomorrow!

  2. Marijke Says:

    Meredith Viera has a personal assistant, probably 2 or 3 nannies, and a chef to do all that she needs done. She doesn’t live in the real world and of course could not understand why we need a glass of wine with women like us. 🙂

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