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State of the Union January 24, 2007

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Today’s post is not about what you think. Surely you are anticipating a witty blog about last night’s SOTU speech, filled with quips. Mais non.

Something much more important to me is happening. And it’s about my state of the union. All is not well on Wisteria Lane, folks. When something is awry with Kitty-Time’s daughter, nothing else can capture my attention. Not even the idiot that wore the blue tie last night.

Kitty-time’s darling daughter loves her bath time. She plays and laughs and talks to her toys and kicks and splashes throughout bathtime. It has always been a real highlight of our day, to end the day on such a fun note. Playing and watching her delight in bath time before bed. Sure, we’ve had some rough patches with bath time. When she was a bit younger, she did lose all bath time toy privileges because she would get so riled up and then wouldn’t go to sleep.

But she is much more mature now. She has experienced 14 months of life and can handle exciting play time before bed time now. It’s how she unwinds from the difficult life of a 14 month old. Not to mention, she appreciates the value of a clean body and some lavendar lotion before bed time.

And then, it all changed.

Now, one of the harshest lessons Kitty-Time has learned about motherhood is that babies change on a dime. JUST when you think you’ve figured something out, they go and change. It’s that whole curveball thing I was talking about a few entries ago. But this one, has really thrown me.

As of two nights ago, she literally screams bloody murder when we put her in the bath. But mere seconds before, she is admiring herself in the mirror and laughing and talking.

What gives? Adopted mommies out there…come forward and enlighten moi, please.

Now – before you go thinking I’ve lost my mind – realize that the bath water temperature is fine, the air temperature is fine, nothing traumatic has happened to her in the tub, she goes to bed without a problem, so it’s not some kind of temper tantrum because she doesn’t want to sleep. It’s just about the bath.

She is anti-bath.

Maybe it’s the French in her, coming out?

Or the environmentalist?

She doesn’t want to waste all that water every night?

She likes the smell of a few days of hard play?

I am stumped.

She has plenty of toys, so it’s not that she’s wanting for entertainment while bathing.

My suspicion is that while my middle name used to be “scheduling police” it is now “master of distraction.” Indeed. My suspicion is that the little one is now a toddler, has a better understanding of the world around her, and just abruptly decided that she does not want to bathe.

And so, I think I need to make it a game. Kitty-time’s wise mother suggested I finish undressing her beside the tub and let her play with some toys next to the tub, to get her distracted and excited about bath time. I will try this tonight.

Any other suggestions, I’m open ears.


One Response to “State of the Union”

  1. Sara Says:

    sorry Kitty Time, that is not fun.

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