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Bevy of Blue Babes January 22, 2007

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Well, dear readers, it was a busy weekend for presidential candidates. And the Democratic field continues to expand… kitty-time’s last count, we officially have a bevy of 8 blue babes from which to pick from.

By now, unless you’re really living under a rock, we all know that Hillary officially announced that she is forming an exploratory committee. She is coming out of the gates trying to distinguish herself. Rather than the humdrum way of going on a popular TV show, such as the Today Show or Governator style going on Jay Leno, or announcing it during a speech on a politicially sensitive day, Hillary announced on her web site.

We could analyze the rational and strategic thinking behind that all day. But Kitty-Time will, instead, focus on one perspective. Personally, Kitty-Time has been struggling with whether it is fair to Hillary to constantly point out that she is a woman, are we ready, will anyone take her seriously? In other words, her main point of differentiation being that she is a woman, instead of focusing on her qualifications and education and experience. But, Hillary took that matter in her own hands on Saturday.

What did she do?

She announced it by video on her web site. But what does this have to do with her being a woman?

Sure, I noticed that her hair was professionally done and her makeup perfectly applied. No Katie Couric mascara gaffes.

But she was sitting on a FLORAL COUCH in her own living room and opened with a smile and said let’s have a conversation.

This setting, by definition, means that Hillary WANTS us to talk about her gender. She wants this to be a point of differentiation. You got it. No man, in his right mind, would announce that he is seeking office for the Presidency by sitting on his rose colored floral couch with a huge smile, as if he’s just invited us over for some coffee and afternoon gossip.

And so Hillary, Kitty-Time will now continue to comment on your candidacy and your ideas and your clothes and your hair..and your shoes….and your accessories…because those are all very feminine things…..and that’s what she wants us to do.

What about the other bevy of blue babes?

Latino Governor Richardson announced on Sunday. (NOTE: in no way is Kitty-Time implying that Richardson is a babe. Or even remotely attractive). He doesn’t have a dog in this fight compared to Obama or Hil or Edwards, so Kitty-Time won’t really waste her time on him just yet.

How each of these candidates will differentiate themselves, how they will market themselves, which one will utilize grassroots and viral marketing most effectively – who goes to YouTube first….Kitty-Time just doesn’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. But you better believe, I will be watching and commenting all the while.

Until then, how about the survey that came out last week announcing that 51% of women are single. Yesterday’s NYT “Week in Review” analyzed the survey results here:

What struck moi more than anything was the flippant way the writer noted that most women with children realize that their earning power will plateau once having children….and then she moved on to another topic.

Huh? Really. So, all of the working mom’s out there – we’ve reached the top of our earning power? How dare Ms. Zernike, herself a woman, maybe even a working mom, flippantly declare our earning power over..and then move on to another topic. By my last count, I’ve only been working 11 years. I’ve easily got another 25 years of working left in me. And yet, my ability to make more has already abruptly ended?

Then why the hell am I working?

Anyone care to comment? How about…..maybe it’s plateaued right now while my baby is still very young…and maybe it will not advance until I am done having kids and they are a bit older and need me less….but who knows? How dare this reporter just flippantly comment and move on, as if that isn’t a very significant and depressing thing to say.

And for the final word of today… can all breathe a deep sigh of relief. Kitty-Time’s dear nanny has returned to work! Indeed. C’est vrai. Apparently she did not have the right papers to get back into the country. It’s still not clear to me what papers she needed but who cares, she didn’t have them, thus the delay. All is well again.


One Response to “Bevy of Blue Babes”

  1. Sam Says:

    Wowza. Dig on Hil then on the NYTimes. Someone has an itchy blogger finger, ready to point out the world’s problems.

    Personally i thought Hil looked great, her speech was great and she seemed sincere, not calculating like she usually does. Frankly I think the pattern on her couch isn’t the point. The point is that Hil has mastered how to control her public image from the time in the WH and is a legit candidate…and a woman. But we’re faced with a new choice: the ultimate Democratic insdider versus the passionate new Progressive. Since I was a Bill Bradley man, then a Howard Dean man, I’m always looking for the next Democratic Messiah. For me, Barack is that guy. I’ve already given $25 bucks and it ain’t my last donation.

    My take on that NY TImes article was that it was focusing more on lower income females but didn’t want to limit the lede to that, meaning more people wouldn’t read it if it was just about African American or Hispanic women. I wouldn’t take it as a slight against white college educated double income women who have it all/want it all! Viva!

    Keep up the good work Mon Ami!!!!!!!!!

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