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More on politics…..and some great gossip January 17, 2007

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Well – kitty-time is so happy with the responses from yesterday’s posting. Clearly politics and celebs strike a chord with my dear readers. SO, I will begin with Hillary.

Did anyone see Hil on the Today Show this morning?
She was very stern, very serious and presented some clear thinking and strong ideas on the situation in Iraq.

And yet, I found myself thinking that her hair looked really good and it makes such a difference when she gets it professionally styled than when it’s flat. Somehow she looks heavier when it’s flat.
And I also found myself thinking how bitchy she sounded. Just as I was thinking that, my husband busts out with
“She sounds like such a bitch”
To which I retorted “She is talking about war, she should sound stern. If a man were speaking about war, you wouldn’t make one comment, yet you automatically think because a woman is speaking sternly, she sounds like a bitch. As the father of a daughter, you have a greater responsibility to not say things like that.”

Good thing he didn’t know I secretly agreed….

Kitty-time was later relaying this conversation to some friends and one friend replied….that this will be Hil’s weakness, among others.

So again – we return to the point Kitty was wisely trying to make yesterday.

Even the bluest voters out there – are they really ready for a woman president? Won’t we all just be busy critiquing her tone and her suit color and her hair style? And gasp…if her makeup gets all gobby like Katie Couric’s mascara.

I just want a D in the white house. Gender, color – it doesn’t matter to me in 2008.

And as for the White House….kitty-time learned some fascinating political gossip. Far be it from me to steer clear of a good conspiracy theory.

Apparently the rumor running around town is that Negroponte really left DNI to become #2 at State b/c Condi is stepping down as Secretary.
Condi is stepping down as Secretary bc Cheney has “health issues” and will be cast aside. Condi will then be appointed VP.
Apparently Cheney’s “health issues” are of a political nature. The current President realizes that his legacy will improve if he casts Cheney aside and becomes the first to appoint a female, African-American Vice President.

The only way Kitty-Time can see the President’s legacy improving is if he finds a way to wipe out all of our memories over the past 7 years and then recreates history. Don’t think Condi-Sleezy can save him this time.

Chew on that.


One Response to “More on politics…..and some great gossip”

  1. Sam Says:

    Everyone knows Hilary is a bitch. Your wise husband was just saying what you, Emma Claire and the rest of the Democratic establishment already know. It’s a double standard, don’t get my wrong, but that doesn’t mean she’s any nicer. Mostly she just let her public image get stomped on during the Clinton years and is only now regaining total control of it now. What’s her strategy in Iraq? Nobody knows because she’s playing so close to her chest, why go out on a limb if you don’t have to?Cause she voted for the war and it’s going to haunt her FOREVER! Laura Bush took cues, see how everyone loves Laura? She’s prochoice, she smokes, she’s a supporter of reading, what’s not to like? Anyway, the man digresses. I love Hil, but the vast rightwing conspiracy which does exist is shining its already purchased media buys to drop an LBJ style mushroom cloud commericial on her ass. Don’t think they just love having her as the nominee.

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