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Obama, Hil, and the Globes January 16, 2007

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So much to talk about..where does kitty-time begin? With important political issues that will impact our future and the future of our children? With the historical announcement of Obama – exploring a run for the Presidency? Are we ready for an African-American president, any more than we are ready for a female president?
Or with the Globes?

Well..really…if you know moi at all, you must know that kitty-time will start avec les celebs! I just can’t help myself. I used to like Angelina Jolie. I think I despise her now. Could she have looked any more bored and seemed any more self-righteous than last night when Ryan “Time to come out of the closet” Seacrest was interviewing Brad? Get over yourself Angie. Great – you adopted some kids. Great – you give some of your hundreds of millions to charity. Guess what – without the movies and the fans and the award shows – you wouldn’t be able to do all of that. You aren’t that important. Now smile and move on.

And then Evangeline Lilly. For the love of God. She is complaining about being famous? Then quit your job and go do something productive. What the hell did you think was going to happen?

Drew Barrymore was a breath of fresh air. She looked fantastic and seemed happy to be there and happy to discuss her usual jewelry purchases at Urban Outfitters. Giving the viewers a sense that these celebs love their job and appreciate their situation – that is what we, the viewers, are looking for. Not for their self-righteous boredom and the burden that rests on their shoulders of attending these award shows. I’m sure it’s very difficult to endure time at the spa, body detoxing, hours of free hair and makeup, hours to peruse the free gifts, and all the free jewelry and clothing tossed their way.

Now…with that off my chest, kitty-time will now mention Democratic presidential aspirations for 2008.

We’ve got Obama in one corner.

Hillary in another.

But is any of it realistic? Is our country really ready for an African-American president? And really – are we ready for a woman president? Particularly the one that declared there is a right-wing conspiracy out to get her husband. You know, the cheating one.

I am the first to admit that I lick the screen whenever dear Bill comes on TV, so I would love to see him as the First Husband but more than anything, I want a total D takeover in 08. Kitty-time will support the candidate with the most realistic shot at winning those districts that are straddling both blue and red…….kitty-time is a big picture person….but she salutes those bellwether’s that move forward to make what seems so unrealistic, possible someday.


6 Responses to “Obama, Hil, and the Globes”

  1. Sam Says:

    Oh yah, Kitty, bring it on. Tons of things to hate about Jolie, she spotlights poverty, aids, child soldiers in third world countries around the world, adopts children from those countries, worked as a UN special envoy, spends her personal fortune to assist those in need. Terrible! That bitch should quit hogging the spotlight and step aside so Drew can talk about Urban Outfitters!

    On Ms. Lily, it’s a LOST thing babe you wouldn’t understand.

    Regarding Obama, the man is here and ready for prime time. Rove and Company want all us loyal democrats to now start painfully dissecting, in public view, all the reasons why each and every one of us thinks he or Hilary is not qualified. F that! Both of them bring HUGE amounts to the table and I’m not going to talk about, FOR A SECOND, why I think a woman or an African American can’t be President. I’m going to talk about why THEY SHOULD be President. I hope all of you will too.

  2. mwl Says:

    Sorry, Sam.. Kitty time is right on the Angelina and Lily thing.. stop your bellyaching.. did they even finish high school.. get over yourselves..

    As for Hilary/Obama.. well, shes right on that too…

  3. Kitty Time Says:

    I love to see pearls of wisdom on here from kitty-time readers..particularly the brilliant MWL who agrees with me.

    I might add, MWL is the mommy who made me believe that returning to work does get easier, when it was my turn to face that daunting reality.

    So, MWL, is always right, Sam.

    Angie Jolie can bite me.

    As for presidential candidates – I just want whoever has the most realistic shot at winning. This is not the time to lose something for the sake of precedence.

  4. debra Says:

    I’m siding with dear Kitty and the wise MWL on the Jolie issue. Everyone knows that Jolie’s popularity numbers are in the tank lately and she did all of those “revealing” interviews last month in an effort to repair her public image. I’m an Aniston fan all the way and seeing Angie sitting with Brad last night at the Globes made me long for the days when he was still married to America’s sweetheart!

    As far as Hilary/Obama, I love them both and would happily vote for either, but…come on folks…how much fun would the Rs have dragging out the Clinton baggage all over again? Whitewater, Lewkinsky, failed healthcare plan, etc, etc. Too many skeltons in that closet to win in the general.

  5. CoffeeBreak Revolution Says:

    Might I add that my personal favorites, William H Macy and Felicity Huffman were also gracious and adorable, like Barrymore?

    As for Obama and Clinton? I’m interested to watch it unfold. Though I’ll be far more interested when HRH Emma Claire decides to run for President/Totalitarian Leader.

  6. Sam Says:

    Brangelina move to New Orleans
    Staff Reporter
    Wed, 17 Jan 2007
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be Tinseltown’s golden couple but they’re settling down a long way from Hollywood — New Orleans in fact.

    “We love it there,” the ‘Tomb Raider’ star revealed to Us Weekly, confirming that she and Pitt had already moved their family to The Big Easy.

    “The kids are going to go to school there,” Jolie said of her children, Shiloh (7 months), two-year-old Zahara, and five-year old Maddox.

    “We’re really looking forward to it,” she told the magazine at the Golden Globe awards on Monday. The couple reportedly moved on Thursday, 11 January.

    The move is partly the result of Pitt’s latest film, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, which is being shot in the Louisiana city, and the ‘Troy’ star’s rehabilitation program for the community devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

    The 43-year-old actor commissioned 20 environmentally friendly homes in the city as part of a project in conjunction with Global Green USA. Construction on the buildings is set to begin during January.

    Jolie is keen to do charity work of her own.

    “Angelina has asked for places she can do charity work,” a source told Us magazine.

    The actress was reportedly interested in working with a school for disadvantaged children.

    The couple are also planning to increase public awareness of the problems still facing New Orleans, more than a year after Katrina caused widespread devastation.

    “They think it is important to be there right now,” the source added.

    But the 31-year-old ‘Alexander’ actress also wanted to lead a “normal” life in the city.

    “She’s interested in befriending normal moms so she can do things with the kids.”

    She didn’t waste any time, hanging out at a local restaurant on the day after they arrived in the city.

    “No one at my table believed me when I told them it was her,” Jorge Palacios, a diner at Angeli on Decatur, told Us of the actress who ate in the restaurant wearing white pants and an ivory dress.

    The six-bedroom mansion the couple bought in the city’s French Quarter for a reported $3.5-million, is their fourth home.

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