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Why Work is Good January 15, 2007

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A dear friend and kitty-time reader is feeling the anxiety of returning to work after maternity leave. She is very aware of how sad she will feel to leave her sweet and beautiful baby and all the anxiety that comes with leaving your beloved in the care of another. Fellow kitty-time readers share many things in common – beauty, wit, brilliance – and also, type A personality traits. Some would call it controlling tendencies, sprinkled with opinions. But really, kitty-time readers know what they want, how they want it done, and what needs to be done next. This is a good thing.

Except when it comes to leaving your child in the care of another. Particularly because that person is, well, really just a stranger until you get to know one another. (note – kitty-time advises AGAINST using family members as full-time caretakers of your baby. Speak with me separately if you’d like to disagree. You clearly haven’t had a baby yet if you think it’s a good idea).

And so, instead of highlighting all the negative things and stressors that come with returning to work, kitty-time will now discuss why work is good.

1. It is good for all mommies to learn to be away from their babies and trust someone else to take care of them. It is also good for the baby to learn to be around other people and well, not mind. It does not mean your baby isn’t attached to you or loves the nanny more – even when you think it might. It really doesn’t.

2. Kitty-time readers are smart. We all have worked hard, many have received master’s or law degrees. It is good for kitty-time readers to exercise their brains in ways that do not involve Dr. Seuss books, animal noises to make a baby giggle, or “play with me sesame” on Noggin channel. When you can sing-along with Moose A. Moose’s song of the month, it’s time to return to work.

3. Dressing up for work. Lounging around in sweat pants is really quite comfortable, but purchasing a new spring suit and a fabulous pair of shoes, can also really warm a gal’s heart.

4. The feeling that comes with a good day’s work, positive professional feedback, and using your brain – is not something you will ever get being home all day. And it is motivating, reminds a gal why she does go to work, and why being away from baby isn’t all bad, all the time.

And so – for any new mommies out there facing the daunting task of returning to work…fret not, dear readers, it gets easier, and it’s good for you. Trust me. Kitty-time, unlike our President, never lies.


One Response to “Why Work is Good”

  1. mwl Says:

    Well said, Kitty.. and good luck to mommy returning to work.. trust me (and kitty) it does get easier!

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