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Coming out of hibernation….in January January 11, 2007

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For the last 6 years, kitty time has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. Rage, horror, anger, numbness, anxiety, back to rage and horror and anger….

This has made kitty time very upset. These negative feelings take a toll on pretty skin and make it difficult for a good, solid night’s sleep. Pale, blotchy skin with puffy eyes….these are not the qualities of kitty time or my dear readers. Mais non! We are pretty and parfais!

But alas, these angry emotions are a result of the idiotic President and his lemmings. Anyone with a brain has fallen asleep in Washington these last six years and terrible things have happened.

But gather round kittens…our dear politicians are marching to a new beat. They are stretching out their furs and coming out of hibernation because the people really did wake them up in November. In this first week of the new Congress, they are getting a good stretch in, a few downward facing dogs, wiping away the cobwebs from their cavernous offices…and SHOCKER – using their brains.

I was able to exhale and feel this new emotion when reading online news yesterday….what was this feeling? Relief? Joy? Happiness? Ahh…so much better for my complexion!!!

That’s right, we finally raised the minimum wage and today, the House is planning to loosen restrictions on embryonic stem cell research! Hallejuah! We are off to a good start here, kittens, we can put our claws away until the idiot in the White House vetoes that bill.

And so, let us all take a few deep breathes, feel a bit of the weight lifting off our shoulders, give yourself a nod and a wink as you glance in the mirror and notice how much more refreshed you look this morning…..and feel good about the fact that this town is becoming a thinking woman’s town. Decisions just might be made for the better.

(Caveat – I am not discussing the civil war in Iraq or the President’s speech..and hopefully everyone listened to moi and watched what you DVR’d and read gossip mags last night instead).


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