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Granny and her Gavel January 10, 2007

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A fantastic column in today’s Washington Post inspired my entry today. I was planning to write something sassy and full of one-lined quips about the President’s painful speech tonight. But alas, I’ve been inspired to write again about Granny Speaker and her gavel. I highly recommend Ruth Marcus’ column in today’s Post:

Why do you love it, kitty time? What is new or original in its content?

Well, nothing really. In fact, toot toot, let me toot my own horn, it’s consistent with what I blogged about last week..down to the title of the column…tooot toot

That being said, Marcus raises a great point that we all can’t hear enough – motherhood can go hand-in-hand with your career and it’s not a scarlet letter anymore. I pretty flippantly talk about mommy-tracking myself – but I’m going to spin this in a positive light. Right now, my focus is my family, just as Pelosi’s was until she was 47. She managed to translate that into a high powered career. Whether or not I will always want to work, if I will ever want to run an office – not sure – but kitty-time only knows present kitty-time. Behold, the future of kitty-time could be anything. I hear 40 is really dirty, not just 30.

So – fellow mom’s and mom’s-to-be – let’s enjoy how Pelosi flaunts her granny-hood. Let’s see how she can inspire not just other women, but employers, to continue to realize that there is no greater asset in your company than a working mom. No one has achieved more each morning before arriving to work, than working mom’s. No one has better multi-tasking, planning and organizational skills – than working mom’s.

And so, I leave you with this. Tonight, check out what you’ve recorded on your DVR, open up your latest gossip rag, avoid the President’s painful speech that will only further demonstrate his revisionist historical views of why we went to war, the dangers our troops face, and instead, focus on the granny with the gavel, and whatever horrid thing Brit Brit has done lately……


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