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New Years Resolutions January 3, 2007

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Kitty time sadly packed up her bag and headed off to work yesterday after 10 glorious days with her fabulous little daughter. It wasn’t as daunting as returning to work after maternity leave, I definitely didn’t cry my entire way to the office, but I did have a heavy heart. Starting off the year feeling sad seemed so lame……which was why Kitty Time cleverly wore a new purchase to lift her spirits… say shopping doesn’t mend a sad heart is fool’s speak.

Now…let’s get started off right in the New Year. Hopefully you all followed my sage advice and are turning the new year into the year of paper. If not, refer to my previous posting for some great links and ideas.

As for it being a new year… we really need a resolution? Who ever really makes a new year’s resolution and sticks with it? What’s the point? Is it another form of Catholic guilt just being pushed off onto us in a secular way? Or is kitty time just a selfish place for selfish gals who don’t need resolutions? C’est vrai? Mais oui!

So INSTEAD..let’s discuss the resolutions those around us should make. I’ll start…..I love to go first…..and have the last word….

1. To all the bosses out there – your resolution is to give us more flexibility because we all need more time off. And more money.
2. To the preggos out there- your resolution is to relax and pamper yourself in your third trimester because it’s the last chance you have to make it all about you for a long time. In particular, kitty time recommends a preggo massage around week 34.
3. To the husbands out there – your resolutions are as follows: bring your wife flowers sporadically throughout the year for no other reason than she is perfect and wonderful and beautiful. Bring your wife occasional gifts. They do not need to be expensive. Just thoughtful. Do the laundry without being asked to do it. Make dinner some nights without asking what should be made. And finally, when asked to do a chore, just do it without being asked again so that we can make the word “nag” dead to us all.
4. To the babies out there – sleep through the night as soon as possible and learn how to become potty trained without much effort. No need to rush talking or walking – it’s all over rated. Trust moi.
5. To the hard working beloved kitty time readers – make time to focus on you. Go to the spa. Channel your inner diva. Take a step back, pat yourself on your back and toot your own horn for all your fabulous successes and future successes and be grateful for all that you have…because if you are a dear reader, you are cute, stylish, smart, successful and loved by many.

Finally..fret not…dear readers..this is not the last word for kitty time…I just like having the last word in general.
Bonne Annee!


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