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What’s Mom Good For? December 19, 2006

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Kitty time’s little daughter changes a warp speed. My husband and I are always amazed at how quickly she grows and develops. What happened to the sweet little newborn that fit from my elbow to my hand? It’s fun and exciting to watch and experience.

But sometimes, it’s a little bizarre.

Case in point – while my 13 month old has yet to show any noteworthy signs of separation anxiety, much to my relief thus far, when she is tired or not feeling well, she does tend to want moi.

And really, who can blame her?
She knows that I love her and will do anything in the world for her. But wait, there’s more.
She knows her mommy loves fashion, has an eye for accessories, generally smells better than daddy, and well, is pretty….so why not prefer moi?


Mais oui!

And so..on the occasion that she passes over her dad for moi, I am beaming with pride. I must be doing something right, right? She obviously can still be attached to me even though I’m working full-time? All is well in the world.

Well, dear readers, be careful what you wish for. This seems to be a theme of kitty time.

On Sunday after her morning bottle, which she has graciously shifted to a bit later in the morning as she learns to love to sleep in (read, arise at 7am instead of 5:30am), she was playing.

My husband and I were just relaxing, easing into the morning, when suddenly Kitty Time’s dear daughter made her way past her daddy, to moi. Clearly she had a reason. She was a woman on a mission and the end-game was moi.

Ahh..victory again…..the preferred parent, I thought, as my heart swelled as much as possible before having some coffee.

And so, the sweet gal made her way up to my lap, here she was, wanting me…and….then……she puked.

Mais oui!

All over moi.
and her.

Nothing like starting the day off with a real scent of baby. Forget that crap they make you believe on TV about sweet smells and baby powder. This is the real deal.

And so, dear readers, the reason for her trip to moi was clear. She didn’t feel well and she wanted her mommy.

Though it might not always smell that great, it still feels good.


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