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Strollers & Obstinate Preggos December 19, 2006

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Kitty time was just inspired for a second blog entry today after a lovely afternoon coffee break with some dear friends. What a treat for you! It’s your Christmas present from Kitty Time. Two of me in one day!

Pregnant woman are fascinating, fun and beautiful. We love them. Many of us were them and plan to be pregnant again. But you can only be preggo for the first time once. Aren’t I so smart?

Anyhoo…..there are so many wonderful things about being pregnant for the first time and really, the best part – is how blissfully clueless you really are.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. How can you be any other way? IF you actually knew what you were walking into, you probably wouldn’t ever have sex, let alone do it without protection.

And so, the joys of the first pregnancy. All the attention, all the gifts, all the excitement over what the baby will look like and how much you will love the baby and how fabulous life is. Ahh….bliss.

I think the most classic symptom of first time preggos is this – not actually believing that it is what others say it will be..and clinging onto this need to have space in their house and hold onto their old lives. Indeed.

Old lives.

Actually keeping those two things is like believing your baby won’t have stinky drool, won’t cry for hours on end, or make you wonder what you got yourself into on some really cranky dark mornings at 3am.

But such is life. Obstinate preggos – enjoy your naive bliss! Here in kitty time, we will only love you for thinking you can keep the space in your house or actually get out to a movie with a newborn, because kitty time was no different when pregnant. Just be sure to come visit kitty time again once you have that sweet babe of yours….


2 Responses to “Strollers & Obstinate Preggos”

  1. Marijke Says:

    As one who is often called obstinate by my DH, I understand the need for a preggo to be obstinate. I believe it is a natural defense mechanism to combat the fact that nothing to do with your body or emotional self (read hormone induced dementia) is in your control. This coupled with the fact that the stereotypical Type A personalities in the world organize and plan everthing in their lives, it’s nice to thing that they can compartmentalize and bring some order to the chaos that is and will be ensueing. 🙂

  2. Kitty Time Says:

    Think of kitty time as a support group for Type A personalities out there!

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