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Fashionable Must-have’s for 2007 December 19, 2006

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OK..well…it’s time to focus on what we all must have in 2007. Back in the pre-blog – GASP – days….a dear friend of kitty time’s theme was “Lipstick is a must-do in 2002”

What kitty time really loved was that is was a true year-long commitment to one thing, for herself. In 2002, it was about her lips.
And afterall, what is kitty time, if it isn’t time to make it about you? Or who am I kidding, MOI?

So, what can I make all about-moi in 2007?

I’m making it the year of paper. We all love paper. Who doesn’t appreciate a fabulous notecard, a clever shower invitation or a drop-dead gorgeous return address label?

Sure, maybe only people with kids and dogs send out christmas cards, with the obligatory photo on front (guilty) but if you are a successful gal who has really made it, you must have something fabulous with your name printed on it.

And so, go forth, darlings, into the new year, and purchase yourself something fabulous with your name on it. Pick a design that reflects the real you and bring back the importance of paper. And for any new mom’s out there, don’t underestimate just how many thank you notes you’ll be writing not just for the baby shower gifts, but also for all the gifts you’ll get once baby is born. Plan ahead!

To get you started, here are some recommended sites, these are either kitty time’s favs or favs of some dear friends of kitty time (therefore each one is fabulous, like moi)

For the gal looking for baby announcements or shower invitations:

For fabulous baby announcements, invitations or holiday cards:

For funky and fabulous return address labels or stationary:

For reasonably priced personalized stationary…with the added perk of supporting a small female owned local business:

For the gal who can’t stop with just her name on something….and must have an image of herself on there too (kitty time is in full support of this, by the way):

Paper it up, dear readers..and if you come upon another fabulous site, be sure to inform MOI…..share the wealth.


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