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Ghost of Christmas Future December 18, 2006

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One of kitty time’s favorite jokes is to pretend that she has the powers of the ghost of christmas future. A dear friend of kitty time assisted in inventing this game and lots of fun ensued.

So today, kitty time is playing the ghost of christmas future. It seems that what we all want for Christmas is the same. Not diamonds or pearls or cashmere.

We all want a FTW. Kitty time was pleasantly suprised to hear from dear readers who don’t have kids – these dear readers had the most enthusiasm for seeking a FTW. Kitty time’s first question is to the full-time working moms out there..what say you?

As for the rest of us- apparently we are all seeking a FTW in 2007. But it occured to kitty time – while we don’t care what the FTW looks like or how she dresses, for the most part, we want the FTW to be able to do exactly what we do and exactly how we would do it. One caveat occured to moi – this FTW must not do what we do BETTER than we do it!

Now – if you are a dear reader of kitty time, surely you do not think it possible for there to be a FTW out there who could achieve your chores as perfectly, fulfill your shopping duties as cleverly and thoughtfully or finish writing your christmas cards with as much wit and humor as you do. Mais non! Ce n’est pas possible! Quelle horreur! Imagine a FTW who was better than you.

So – the first thing the ghost of christmas future sees for 2007 is that we find a FTW by cloning ourselves!

Think of it as your weekend self – but available at your disposal during the week to just magically get everything done.

What other things would dear kitty time readers like to see for 2007, as the ghost of christmas future?

Don’t bore me with things like magical weight loss pills or a perfect wardrobe and trained husbands who get things done without you asking first…..give me some original ideas of things you want for 2007.

Meanwhile, I’m anxiously awaiting my cloned self all wrapped up under the christmas tree this year, I will get her working hard in time to ring in the new year.


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