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Mommy Brain December 14, 2006

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We’ve all heard about it. But guess what – it’s real. According to a column in Sunday’s NYT, women’s brains shrink 8 percent when pregnant and don’t return to previous size until six months post-partum.

I would like to say, without any scientific backing, that I do not think they actually ever return to size.

Example – it just took me an hour to figure out how to log in as myself and write a post. Oddly enough, I figured out how to log into the 2004 version of kitty time. Go figure.

On any given day, when exiting the shower, I have absolutely no idea if I rememebered to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.

Should I continue?

Has my brain size shrunk more than 8 percent?

Most likely.

I don’t quite need a name tag pinned to my lapel identifying my name and home address, in the event I get lost, but I just might reach that point after having another baby.

Why does this happen, Dr. Kitty Time, you ask?

Medically, this doctor isn’t sure.
But you come here because I call it like I see it.

It happens because the brain of a mother moves at warp speed. We have about 20 things on our mind at any given time –
do we have enough food at home for baby’s dinner?
did we put the baby in warm enough clothes?
what happens if i don’t find another set of overnight diapers before they run out? Double up? Swimmer over the regular?
what in the hell are we having for dinner?
what was i supposed to get done at work yesterday that i completely forgot about and who can i blame it on? probably the new guy.
what christmas presents do i need to return and purchase?
why in the hell did i wear this bizarre outfit to work today?
will my belly ever return to what it once was?

and so it goes.

and so, dear readers, be proud of your mommy brain. it is what it is and is a sign of your new role as mommy.
and for those of you who do not have children…never judge a woman for her mommy brain…karma is a terrible thing.


One Response to “Mommy Brain”

  1. Sara Says:

    thank you for the validation kitty!

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