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It’s another media circus December 14, 2006

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Welcome to the world’s greatest show… where else on earth can you find such an event…..the slow news day media circus is really something to behold.

I don’t know what you were doing when the news broke, but I was in the midst of getting baby ready for bed time and what did I hear?
Glimpses of death?
A change in the Senate?
Republican takeover?

Was it a civil war?

Was there mutiny on Capitol Hill?
How did I miss it?

Oh wait.
That’s right.

Nothing has happened yet but our dear national media are bored.

You know, there isn’t really anything relevant going on in the world to cover (i.e. Iraq, the lives of the families of the soldiers here, Sudan, the general state of the middle east, anyone hear much about the Balkans anymore?)… no…nothing is going on…and so we MUST obsessively write off a Senator and discuss the possible new Senate.

Kitty time’s claws are out over this one.

Let’s all back up, take a few deep yoga breaths and remember that this U.S. Senator is not well…but the man ain’t dead.

Instead of hammering the last nails in his coffin, let’s respect him, his service in the Senate, his family and give it a rest. Let’s stop writing him off as dead and discussing the political implications before we’ve even heard from the man’s doctors.

Honestly, I don’t know about any of you, but kitty time is sick and tired of obsessive media speculating.

How about covering some real news?


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