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Holiday Spirit December 14, 2006

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Indeed….I have waited a bit too long to post about holiday fashion, parties, decor, etc etc. My friend Sara’s blog inspired me to cover this topic today.

Dear readers….you can choose many paths in this holiday season.
You can just let yourself go and behave like one of the Hollywood tramps we see each night on TV.
You can “forget” to wear your underware.
You can wear a sheer top and “forget” to wear a bra.
You can pull a JLo and pretend that you are going to become a Scientologist so you can get invited to the next TomKat affair.
Hell, you can even drive the wrong way down the interstate after a long night of partying.

But, see, dear lemmings, none of these things get you anywhere good. Unless, of course, you consider all press, good press.

Of course, if you are reading Kitty Time, you probably aren’t being followed by the paparatzi..but far be it from me to insult my readers, perhaps you are…..

That aside, I have a few overall comments on holiday parties.

First, you should accompany your spouse or significant other to their office holiday party and you should attempt to charm their boss. Do not embarass them. Do not hit on their boss. Just be charming and lovely, as all kitty time readers are.
You should also go to your own office party and refrain from drinking too much – you might regret what you say later….afterall, if you are a reader of kitty time, you have some moxie.

Now..what should you wear? Always a dilemma for most self-respecting kitty time readers.

I have been very disappointed in holiday party fashion this year. Where is the sequins? Where is the dark green? Why is everything silk and black? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking for a holiday sweater. But what does a gal have to do to find a fabulous green dress? Our options are weak, at best, this year.

If you are digging oldies but goodies out of your closet – just remember – when in doubt, do not wear it. If you have a “hunch” it’s a bit more snug than last year, blame the dry cleaner and step away. Do not proceed!

And so..go off, dear readers…into the night and dazzle bosses, wear something classy, keep your underware on, your bra clasped, don’t drink too much if you are driving, wear something festive and enjoy kitty time’s favorite time of year!


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