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An Endangered Resource December 14, 2006

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Indeed. This entry is about an endangered resource. No, not furry cute animals frolicking in the snow or melting ice caps.


You are reading kitty time…..the subject is about, who else, but MOI?

Or rather…….the human parent.
The endangered resource is energy. Physical and Emotional energy.

With parenthood, kitty time discovered pools of energy and efficiency skills she never knew existed. Finding them required tapping into a deep well that quickly started drying up and refueling it requires effort and time.

Where did this alter ego of kitty time come from? What happened to the days of lolly-gagging around stores. Endlessly pursuing the lastest fashion must-have in the malls and boutiques around town. Obsessing over the next ‘it’ item in shoe ware. Mocking fashion faux-pas among the celebrity elite or poorly dressed unsuspecting individuals on the streets?

Ahh..the days of kitty old….

But not so fast…new kitty time….she is a different kind of animal. Sure..she still cares about these things….but the pool of energy and time from which to care about them and spend on them is different (read: thank god for internet shopping and slow work days)……

But back to the endangered resource. Energy. Kitty time’s delightful daughter demands the majority of my energy….which means much less is left over for other causes.

My point – learning how to weed out energy wastes of time is something I have gotten better at.

Sure…kitty time still LOVES to get fired up over a good cause….what’s kitty time without claws….but choosing which one to really react to is something that is more necessary now.

And so, kitty time’s wise advice to you, my dear readers, is this – whether you are a parent or not – we are all busy. And we’d preserve a lot more emotional and physical energy if we just saved it for when it’s really worthwhile. Sure, I urge you all to mock the Administration, get fired up over the latest dumb thing the President said, but particularly with the holidays around the corner and lots of quality family time looming…..take a few deep breathes……lick your paws for a few minutes and decide if it’s really worth it for those claws to come out.


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