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Way Forward…to hell? December 11, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Wired_Momma @ 3:05 pm else to start off a beautiful, warm, sunny Monday morning than with trashing our current President. His idiot “strategists” still seem to think that rhetoric will fool us, the general public.

But Mais Non! Certainly not the brilliant and enlightened readers of Kitty-Time….

And so….here we are. We are going to learn of the President’s “Way Forward” sometime before Christmas. Oh goodie..Santa came early in my house because we FINALLY have a I will be sure to watch something trashy like E! News Weekend instead of the speech.

But back to the perpetrator of revisionist history and the evil dictator known as the President of the idiot red staters, or the “Red-State-ident”..the man who won with a “mandate from the people” back in 2004 with what, 70,000 votes more than Kerry?

That guy.

So apparently his strategists never got the memo that it is best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And while that might have worked for the first 6 years of his presidency…Kitty Time says this….it clearly isn’t working now because the people actually spoke in November…loud and clear.

And so…..what is happening this week? Ahh yes…the “listening series” or whatever idiotic name they are calling it. The Red-State-ident….is going out and “listening” to other “experts” for their “opinions” on what to do next with Iraq because, you know, the Iraq Study Group didn’t abscond to pressure and write exactly what he wanted….

So let me interpret this for you, dear readers.

The Red-State-ident is going to meet with yes-men who would never DREAM of disagreeing with him, he will be told precisely what he wants to hear, and then he will meet with his “strategists” and they will write a speech. That speech will be delivered to us…most of whom will not be listening….and in that speech he will pause awkwardly and look at the camera like a deer, caught in the headlights…as if he has never given a speech before a day in his life. The speech will include lots of rhetoric phrases that the media will grab onto and repeat over the airways over and over again…..and none of it will mean anything…..and nothing will change because no one DARE disagree with the Red-State-ident…and countless more lives will be lost in Iraq.

And so….Kitty Time says…..when will this man learn to actually LISTEN to those who might not agree with him?


Back to E! News Weekend for kitty time…


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