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Stinky Drool December 11, 2006

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Dear friends of Kitty Time have an adorable and precious baby boy. We met him a few months ago and he is darling……and we were charmed by so many things about him…but what really struck us is that he had stinky drool.

And so we left after the weekend and found ourselves musing over how our precious little girl is such a girl..SHE doesn’t have stinky drool….and boys will be of course THEY have stinky drool.


Ha ha…we laughed…off into the sunsent.

When will parents ever learn, dear readers? When will they learn?

I am the first to jump on the train to mock other naive parents who think “that won’t happen to MOI.” Hell, somtimes I drive that train!

These parents think to themselves..Mais Non! Not Moi!

YOU have a perfect baby! Your baby will always sleep all night! Your baby will never get messy when eating and throw his/her food all over the ground and your nice work clothes!
Your baby will never grow up and throw a temper tantrum in music class because she does not want to give back the bell she likes to shake (mais oui, it happened to me)

No no…your beautiful sweet baby will NEVER do these things….only other lazy, stinky, sloppy babies do these things…..

I mock those people who believe that about their child.

But yet – I did that.

I laughed about stinky baby boy drool.

And then it happened.

I walked into my daughter’s room yesterday after her nap. My beautiful, perfect, sweet, lovely baby girl.

And I was knocked off my socks by a stench.

What was this horrid, lethal killer of a smell wafting out of her beautiful and peaceful nursery? Was it another Russian spy trying to kill me? Or….

Could it be?

Was it possible?

Did she just graduate to STINKY DROOL?

I lifted her up…got a whif of her drooly, moist face….spotted her running nose (yet another cold?) and realized….it happened… came full circle….right back to us…..turns out sweet little baby girls can have stinky drool just as nasty as sweet little baby boys. They are equal opportunity droolers.

And my humble lesson for the day?

Whenever you think to yourself “that won’t happen to me” (whether you are contemplating having a baby, pregnant or a parent) – guess what, dear readers…. will… absolutely will.

So beware of what you mock…’ll only get it worse when you mock another…..and even worse..when you think….”it won’t happen to me” and ride off into the sunsent……


3 Responses to “Stinky Drool”

  1. Sara Says:

    Mon, welcome to the drool party. Better stock up on those blankies…

  2. mwl Says:

    My baby boy never had stinky drool… so there! Now his cousin, that’s a different story…

  3. Marijke Says:

    Didn’t some wise person say “those that live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones?” šŸ™‚ I’m anticipating lots of joy and lots of yuckiness in my upcoming journey šŸ™‚

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