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Seeking Mary Poppins December 6, 2006

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The wonderful world of childcare is always a hot topic among expecting parents and parents. Kittytime feels that this topic should be addressed today because it seems every time I turn around, someone is emailing about it.

Like labor, everyone has a story.

My first advice would be to tune most of them out. Sure, they are all true. But is kitty-time the only place where drama and exaggeration are as common as lies and revisionist history?

And no, I’m not suddenly trying to segue into a dissertation about our current Administration.

You must believe me dear readers – childcare always works out. And it works out for the best- and you know how? When you listen to your GUT and nothing else.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Is there a Mary Poppins out there for you?

Why yes..if you are
Pay well enough
Have a cute kid (if your kid is butt, I’m sorry, but I wonder if you know that as a parent)
And let me repeat…..NICE

You are not going to find a British Governess.

But let’s also remember……that education does not make for the most qualified candidate. I cannot speak about caring for older kids b/c well, I’m not there yet.

So – trust your gut and realize that a good caretaker is one that has an emotional IQ. Sure, they have to be smart enough to call the police if necessary, speak enough English to communicate with 911, you get my point.

Trust your gut.
Treat the candidates with respect.
And remember, when you want to lash out at the caregiver, or in my case, feel compelled to fire them because your child smiles at them sometimes and not you, just remember….they are alone with your baby all day long…… put your claws away.


3 Responses to “Seeking Mary Poppins”

  1. CoffeeBreak Revolution Says:

    Great to see you are back online, mom, but don’t be kidding yourself. You’ll never lure away my loyal Baby Army soliders!!! Just know I am watching you, KittyTime. Always watching….

    -Totalitarian Leader 4 Life, Emma Claire.

  2. Kitty Time Says:

    It is true, faithful followers, my child is a prodigy…she has her own blog, she responds on mine, and is planning total world domination.
    What else can you expect from a red head?

  3. CoffeeBreak Revolution Says:


    -Dictator 4 Life, the E.C.

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