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Motherhood, babies, life, celebrities, politics…kitty’s claws come out when she’s in the mood.

It’s Back…I’m Back……. December 6, 2006

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Back by popular demand…..kitty time! Note the new address…
I was a fool to have let the original domain name go when I started kittytime a few years ago. But I am back..and better than ever this time.
What has changed, dear readers, fair friends, young lemmings?

Well….much has changed. I am a home owner. With that – a whole host of things to write about. But most importantly….I am a mom…and what better creative inspiration than the daily activities and deveolpments of my baby?
What else is good for a few comments?
Work is always a minefield.
Husbands…..though I can’t complain about mine!
And of course….winter fashion is upon us….with holiday parties a must discuss…..

With that, welcome me back, dear readers.


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