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Baby Hair… December 6, 2006

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Many things have struck me since becoming a mom….I’ve had many brilliant revelations. But really, why would I revitalize kitty-time with something deep or sappy or about wearing my heart on my sleeve.


That is not why you love moi or kitty-time.

No, indeed.

One of the most bizarre things that has struck me since becoming a how people are obsessed with their baby’s hair…or lack there of.
How can this be?
Parents around the world have such little energy to spare..why are they wasting it on feelings towards their child’s hair or lack of hair?

And yet, people are obsessed. Including strangers.
Example – and yes, this is a true story. Some of my faithful readers might accuse me of having a flair for the dramatics. Sure, c’est possible..but not this time dear readers….
My sister had my baby in Starbucks with her one day…and a total stranger asked if we dyed our baby’s hair?
Who does this to a baby?

Be honest. If it is you, please come forward and share with us what you were thinking?

And then…just when I thought it wasn’t possible….my hair colorist alerted me to this


You can purchase a wig for your baby!

If you know your infant’s true role model is Donald Trump. Or better yet, Li’l Kim….that is the site for you. Afterall, are there better role models for the leaders of tomorrow?

I will leave the comments and critiques of why we would care so much about something we cannot control whatsoever – whether or not our child has hair – to you. This time, I will refrain.


2 Responses to “Baby Hair…”

  1. Sara Says:

    People comment on my son’s hair all the time. According to my one friend, he has “McDreamy” hair. She’s just jealous cause her baby is bald.

    Hair envy on babies is about as bad as it is for men who go bald early.

    I’m just glad he doesn’t have the infamous baby rat-tail.

  2. Marijke Says:

    My mom used to paste little pink bows to my head when I was a baby. I had only a little fuzz of platinum until I was about 2 1/2 years old 🙂 Talk about a complex!

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